4 Strategies for the Hospitality Industry

Learn how with advanced planning – and some creativity – hospitality operators can fill seasonal positions ahead of the competition.

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The leisure and hospitality industry filled nearly 1 million jobs during peak hiring between March and September 2022, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Yet unfilled roles remain open and 87% of operators report labor shortages.

Hospitality Confirmation

In many ways, hiring seasonal employees will look quite similar to your regular hiring process, and if you have a built-out strategy, you’re already in a great starting position. 

However, there are also a number of best practices particular to hiring seasonal workers. In this guide, we’ll look at these unique hiring strategies, including suggestions for how to: 

  • Define your expectations from seasonal employees
  • Leverage industry-specific hiring and screening tools
  • Source and target candidates interested in seasonal work
  • Offer more than a paycheck