10 Questions Staffing Agencies Need to Ask About Today’s Competition

September 14, 2019
Checkr Editor

Today’s staffing agencies are facing more competition than ever before. Whether it’s from large Online Staffing Platforms, such as Wonolo, Field Nation, and BlueCrew, or from the new players in the On-Demand economy, including Uber and Postmates. These companies have really changed the game when it comes to providing a seamless application and onboarding process for candidates.

As an agency, you’ll want to consider how much you invest in updating your processes, whether you decide to build a platform in-house, buy a white-labeled online staffing platform or select vendors that will automate the most critical parts of your process, you need to develop a strategy to attract candidates to maintain your competitive edge. Even if you’re a staffing agency who doesn’t directly compete with these new platforms, it’s still a good idea to study them. You should be thinking about how to optimize parts of your process to improve the candidate experience, and since no one is doing it better than these companies, they’re the ones you’ll want to emulate as you adapt your strategies.

Here are 10 helpful questions to consider as you start to think about monitoring your competition:

Competing in today’s market requires that you adapt your processes and rethink your methods. By finding the right competitor to compare yourself you to, you’ll be able to uncover new ways to increase your advantage and grow your business.

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