3 Strategies for Reducing Talent Acquisition Costs by 80% with Checkr Assess

July 7, 2020
Checkr Editor

On Thursday, June 25th, Checkr hosted a webinar on Checkr Assess, our newest product which gives companies the flexibility to define their adjudication criteria in their own way.

Talent acquisition leaders are facing a trade-off when hiring: speed or quality? Our top customers use a just-launched tool to get new hires started. Checkr Assess also saves them hundreds of hours by eliminating their background check work to almost zero.

This webinar walks through an overview of trends and common talent acquisition pain points that inspired the creation of Checkr Assess, a complete demo of the product, and our customers’ results using Assess.

As you watch the session, here are three key benefits of Assess to keep in mind:

1. Operation Efficiency Gains through Automation

Digital transformation remains a key trend in the HR world, especially with the increasing focus on the remote workforce. The promise of end-to-end automation for total talent management from sourcing through workforce planning is not yet a reality but businesses are well on their way. Checkr Assess is a step in that direction.

So far, those that have implemented Assess are taking “doing more with less” to a new level. Checkr Assess has allowed one of our customers to increase their normal candidate pool by 10x and reduce time spent adjudicating by 70%. 

2. Unbiased Hiring Model to Support Diversity and Inclusion Efforts

Three months ago, the most common need was “anything that reduces costs and spending.” Checkr Assess was designed to do that, but right now, the focus needs to shift. We’re seeing a positive trend in that many companies are focused on opening up hiring to formerly incarcerated people and eliminating  bias, all of which can be done with Assess.

Organizations are focused on reviewing or modifying hiring rules to convert as many candidates as possible, while working to ensure criteria isn’t disproportionately impacting underrepresented minorities or introducing bias into the hiring process. Depending on industry and role, 50-90% of criminal records are not prohibitive to employment and could be strategically filtered out from the background check report.

3. Redeploy Employees Quickly without Bottlenecks

We are seeing a shift in the way that people work, and the way that people find work — from the gig economy to the rapid rise of flexible work.

In response to disruption from the gig economy and other tech-forward thinking companies, traditional companies are beginning to think about how they can transform their core business models to realize new revenue. For example, hospitality and staffing companies are thinking about how to use their people resources more efficiently through candidate mobility and redeployment between roles and business lines. Checkr Assess transforms organizations from reactive adjudication tactics to long-term, winning strategies.

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