4 Questions with Aaron Hageman of Delivery Drivers Inc.

May 21, 2020
Checkr Editor

Delivery Drivers Inc. (DDI) is the last mile labor solution for the transportation and delivery industries. Having been in business for over 25 years, DDI sets the pace when it comes to independent contractor management solutions. DDI provides services for a wide range of customers from small businesses in the food service industry all the way to big retail chains like Walmart.

Aaron Hageman is the owner and CEO of Delivery Drivers Inc.

1. The world of driving can be highly regulated and many chains looking to hire last mile drivers have different preferences in terms of driver criteria. In addition, it’s a high-turnover and high competition industry that often requires last minute fulfillment. Tell us, how do you balance risk while hiring at scale? How do you accomplish both?

Great question. First, we set very high standards when it comes to risk management. We follow strict FCRA compliance when it comes to hiring and adjudication while using automation and technology like Checkr to ensure we’re supporting the exact needs of our customers in regards to driver background criteria.To speed up the process we ensure our entire internal team is thoroughly trained. Our tech-stack helps with the speed of our hiring process, but to combat the competitive market and make sure we’re fulfilling jobs more effectively, we have a strong focus on candidate experience. We want to make sure the process for our candidates is straight-forward, easy to understand and never leaves them wondering where they are in the process.

2. With COVID-19 forcing many businesses to convert their hiring and onboarding processes to remote/entirely digital, DDI seems to have a leg up in that it was already optimized for this. How does digitization play a part in hiring, onboarding, and overall business success for DDI?

How doesn’t it? It touches every part of the onboarding process from recruitment to training. We implement technology at all stages to optimize for various goals. These include: speeding up the hiring process, improving user experience, and meeting customer needs among other things.

3. You serve as the last mile labor partner for many large retail chains including Walmart, what would you say differentiates you as a service provider?

We are extremely specialized in the work we do. This has allowed us to perfect every stage of the process. We specialize only in 1099 last-mile labor for the transportation world. This plus 25 years of industry leading expertise with a regulatory compliance focus allows us to provide a comprehensive, turnkey program for every aspect of the gig-economy workers’ life cycle.

4. What major trends do you see in the hiring, risk management, or last mile space today?

In the driver world, recruiting is very competitive. As such, I see an even greater focus on a fast and user-friendly onboarding experience. All parties involved in hiring are looking for an increased level of visibility and information. Candidates and our clients want to know where they are in the hiring process and how long before a decision is made. Applicants are becoming more educated in security and privacy and want to know increasingly about security and privacy.

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