Announcing The Checkr Learning Center

September 17, 2019
Checkr Editor

When it comes to attracting and onboarding your workforce, background checks play a crucial role. Even minor mistakes, like ordering the wrong package or reviewing reports inconsistently, can have serious consequences and lead to unhappy candidates, missed talent opportunities, and increased legal risk.

In our work with clients, spanning across different industries, company sizes and talent pools, we’ve found that many teams don’t have a consistent and scalable way to educate their teams on the best practices for running background checks. That’s why we’re launching the Checkr Learning Center, our set of in-depth learning courses, which provide your team with the skills they need to run better background checks. Whether you’re ordering reports, making adjudication decisions, or trying to navigate the world of background check compliance, our Learning Center will help you get up to speed.

Learning Center Screenshot 1

Through bite-sized lessons and videos, your team can build key skills and better understand how to use Checkr at their own pace. In addition to improving their use of Checkr, they’ll also get context into the background check process, including best practices and common pitfalls to avoid.

To start, we’ll be rolling out a set of role-based learning paths that cover recruiters, adjudicators, admins, and compliance professionals. Each course is bite-sized and is built to be consumed at your own pace. Your team members will be able to see which courses they’ve completed and will have opportunities to check their knowledge and skills in each area.

Learning Center Screenshot 2

We’ll be adding new courses and content to the Learning Center over time, so your team can continue to improve their skills, provide a better candidate experience, and make more consistent, compliant decisions. To get started today, visit and sign into your Checkr Dashboard account.

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