A Consumer Experience for Candidates: Checkr on the Staffing Show Podcast

January 26, 2021
Checkr Editor

In this unmissable podcast, Chris Johnson, Checkr’s Director of Industry Strategy, caught up with Caitlin Delohery, the Editor in Chief of StaffingHub and host of the Staffing Show, on what’s around the corner for on-demand hiring.

The two explore what a consumer candidate experience could look like for staffing and how background checks can drive this transformation. Click here to listen on Apple or Spotify!

Background checks: where are there opportunities for optimization?

We all want better data, quicker. But  the world of background checks has certain equalizers: some counties are offline and the only way to get the data is to enlist a court runner. Checkr looks for places in the supply chain where there are opportunities for optimization like adjudication. Our team noted that information is often surfaced in the form of numerical codes that can cover, with a blanket term, offenses with a range of severity. Checkr has applied our AI and ML tools to provide more in-depth explanations of these codes, directly in the system, for more informed adjudication decisions. It’s all about looking at the HR processes holistically.

The consumer candidate: what do they want?

Today’s candidate/employee wants a consumer experience. The hiring process should be as smooth as ordering something on Amazon. You don’t have to sign into three different systems to find, buy, and track your online order, yet we expect this from candidates and employees. Many organizations are taking this time to optimize their tech stack. They want a background check system like Checkr that integrates into their ATS so no candidates are lost because a background check takes too long. Chris Johnson believes we could soon get to a place where the norm is to go from ‘application’ to ‘offer’ which is unheard of right now in most corporate recruiting firms.

Agile staffing: it’s not just about speed

In the COVID economy, staffing firms have had to face the limits of their agility head-on. In many cases, we have seen innovative corporations deploy talent where it’s needed as it’s needed. These companies have tapped into what it means to be agile: efficiency coupled with intelligent talent indexing and outreach. To expand on the latter, staffing organizations who understand the skills (and transferable skills) of their database will be able to access those workers faster and be able to fill unforeseen demands. As a part of talent indexing, organizations must leverage CRM capabilities like texting to keep the database fresh and up-to-date.

Background checks: from ‘filter’ to ‘enabler’

Checkr sees a hiring future where background checks are an enabler rather than a filter. As more workers join the gig economy, it’s easy to imagine a world where candidates have talent passports which would include a background check. A system like this would enable more fluid staffing solutions. There’s a tendency to think in terms of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ when it comes to background checks, but Chris points out that most people fall somewhere in the middle with stories about their past and they deserve a chance to work. Learn more about fair chance hiring in our e-book

Listen now!

These are just a few of the points of Chris and Caitlin, be sure to have a listen for the full deep-dive. Episode title: “How to Create an Amazon Experience for Your Candidates — Chris Johnson, Director of Industry Strategy, Checkr

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