New Requirements for Driver History Records in Utah: How to Register with the Utah DMV

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The State of Utah’s Division of Motor Vehicles now requires all companies requesting Driver History Records (DHR) in Utah to register for a Utah Organization Identification Number or ORG ID.  All Checkr customers and other companies who require Driver History Records (DHRs) from the Utah DMV must sign up at the Utah website. After signing up, customers will receive an activation email that they will use to complete the company’s registration. After receiving approval from the Utah DMV, customers will need to log in to their account to identify their authorized vendors.

Below are the steps customers need to take in order to create a business profile and register with the Utah DMV:

1. Go to Utah’s Driver History Record Search website (

2. Enter your Federal Employee Identification Number (FEIN) to create a new business profile.

3. Enter your organization’s legal entity name and address. Select the type of business that applies to your organization.

4. Click agree to the Terms and Conditions in the pop-up box.

5. Utah’s Driver License Division will review and approve your organization profile. Once approved you will receive an email notification. This typically happens within 1-2 business days but can take up to 5 business days.

6. Once approved, return to the DHR website and log in (

7. You will be prompted to add a vendor relationship. Select Add Relationship when the pop up appears. If no prompt appears, click the Add Vendor button. Add vendors and sub-vendors using the Organization ID for each entity.  You will need to contact your vendors for the Organization ID.  If you are a Checkr customer and require our vendor and sub-vendor IDs, please email [email protected].

8. Once you have added your vendors and/or sub-vendors, click Save Relationship in order to complete the registration process.

Once you’re registered and approved, you can obtain Utah Driver History Records!

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