Industry Platform

End-to-end recruiting software to help small businesses attract & hire great employees with less effort.

How we partner with DocQ

Seamless Integration

DocQ can integrate with any platform and do all the work of keeping them in sync for you. Connecting ATS, HRIS, CRM, ERP platforms and so much more with just a few clicks.

Accelerate Your Hiring

84% of Checkr reports are completed within 15 minutes,  and 95% are completed within 24 hours so you can hire and onboard faster.

Streamline Your Process

Automatically execute background checks based on triggers you set up while utilizing the power of the Decision Engine within DocQ to drive conditional logic and automatically update your ATS candidate status.

"Partnering with Checkr has allowed us to go to the next level and provide our customers with access to quick and reliable background checks for a seamless HR solution. The Checkr product is top-notch and we are excited to continue to expand our partnership and push the boundaries to enable more efficient hiring across the board."
VP of Delivery and Client Relationships