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Integrate background checks directly into your platform for faster hiring and a better user experience, without compromising on safety.

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Why Tech-Forward Companies Choose the Checkr API

Faster go-to-market:

No need to build when you can plug Checkr into your platform.

Seamless experience:

Mobile optimized flow provides a clean and easy experience for your customer or candidate.

Maintain safety standards:

Give your customers a trustworthy experience they can count on.

Scalable growth:

Checkr’s technology-first, modern architecture means as you grow we scale to meet your background check needs.

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Learn more about the Checkr API and how it can help your business integrate background checks into an existing platform.

Tulogy Quote

API customer highlight

Tülogy connects customers with home-repair professionals take the headaches out of home repair. Tülogy depends on a fast, accurate, and efficient hiring infrastructure to deliver on their promise of accelerating the process of home repair, eliminating risk, and ultimately improving the homes and lives of their customers. 


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