Streamline Your Hiring with FreshTeam & Checkr

Checkr’s integration with FreshTeam allows you to run candidate-centric, compliant background checks.  Checkr background checks are easy to order and can come back in minutes.

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Grow Your Team With Ease

With Checkr built right into your Freshteam experience, businesses don’t have to worry about the complexities of background checks, and can access checks from where they already work, making it easier and faster to hire and onboard new employees.

Why Checkr + Freshteam?

Affordable Pricing

Checkr is a pay-as-you-go solution so you only pay for what you need. No contracts, commitments or setup fees, just affordable and transparent pricing starting at $25. Start using Checkr today and receive $40 off your first background check when you use the code FRESHTEAM.

Fully Online Process

There is no need for paperwork or time-intensive manual processes. Businesses initiate checks and get results all in Freshteam. Candidates fill out information and complete forms in an online mobile-friendly experience.


Manage the end-to-end background check process from where you already work in Freshteam, from ordering the check, to monitoring its progress, to reviewing the results. 

“For growing organizations, robust background checks are critical to not only safeguard the organization but more importantly their employees and early culture. Ideally, a recruiter should be able to run a robust background check with as little effort as a mouse click, without their core activities getting disrupted. Freshteam’s integration with Checkr brings to life this ideal scenario. Freshteam users can now deploy Checkr background checks without leaving their candidate view. We are excited to be partnering with Checkr to bring a truly seamless background check experience to our customers.”
Senthil Kanthaswamy
Head – Business & Product Freshteam

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84% of Checkr background check reports complete within 15 minutes
of Checkr background check reports complete within 24 hours 
Checkr background check reports are processed each month