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Streamline Your Hiring with Rippling & Checkr

Checkr background checks are easy to order and can come back in minutes.

See how background checks from Checkr can be built into Rippling.  Our integration with Rippling allows you to run compliant background checks on your candidates without having to leave your Rippling HR Platform. And there’s no cost to sign-up!

Checkr Rippling Integration

More Efficient Hiring

Our easy-to-use platform integrates with Rippling. As the background check industry leader, Checkr powers over 1.5 million background checks every month.

  • Checkr works with Rippling so you can hire faster.
  • Mitigate risk and maintain compliance without increasing operational spend.
  • Easily order background checks in your existing Rippling workflow.

Better Candidate Experiences

The candidate experience of signing an offer-letter via Rippling and completing a background check via Checkr is seamless, intuitive, and high-visibility. 

  • Checkr offers candidates a self-service portal as well as access to our U.S.-based candidate experience team with both email and phone support.  
  • Because candidate information is already stored in Rippling, Checkr automatically reduces the information requested from that candidate during their background check

“Prior to Checkr, we had semi-disjointed technology stacks, running background checks outside of onboarding and new-hire processes. Checkr created this wonderful, fully integrated front-to-back technology stack.”

Brad Talwar, CEO, TalentBurst 


Fully Integrated Hiring Workflows

Checkr’s intelligent system automatically triggers a background check and delivers its status, right in Rippling. 

  • Fully integrate your hiring workflow between Rippling and Checkr
  • Improve the speed and efficiency of your hiring and screening processes
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Get Started Today

  1. Log-in to your Rippling account as an admin. 
  2. Navigate to the Checkr app within the Rippling Dashboard. 
  3. If you are already a Checkr customer, select ‘Sign In’ or  select ‘Sign Up’ to create a Checkr account.
  4. Enter your information to credential your account. Click ‘Create Account’.  Once the credentialing process is complete, you may begin ordering background checks through the Rippling platform.
  5. Once your Rippling and Checkr accounts are connected, click ‘Hire’ from the main page in Rippling and select who you want to run the background check on.
  6. Once your integration is set up and you are ready to run a background check, use the promo code Rippling2022 to receive $40 off your first background check.
  7. For more details, see our full user guide

Seamlessly integrate Checkr into your Rippling workflow.

Join happy customers using Checkr alongside Rippling including

Ready to get started?

We’ve built the easiest background check toolset to make hiring faster, more accurate, and lower risk for small businesses.

84% of Checkr background check reports
complete within 15 minutes

95% of Checkr background check reports
complete within 24 hours 

18M+ Checkr background check reports
are processed each year