Set the gold standard of driver safety with Continuous MVR

Learn how Continuous MVR can help you keep customers safe, reduce risk, and lower insurance costs.

Continuous driver monitoring is the new standard for a reason


of all mvr returns

surface at least one new violation


more likely

to be in an accident if a driver had a violation in the past year*


months quicker

to find incidents than annual returns


Keep your customers safe

Find incidents 4+ months sooner than with an annual MVR rerun program, equipping you with crucial information to prioritize customer safety.

Build trust with customers by showcasing your commitment to safety in your product and marketing.

Driver Mvr Reports1

Reduce risk and insurance costs

Make sure your drivers are allowed to be driving for you. With Continuous MVR, you’ll get proactively notified if your drivers have their license revoked or suspended.

Insurance providers want proof that you’re taking steps to decrease risk: show your insurance provider how much faster you find new incidents with continuous monitoring.

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