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Checkr is Paylocity’s exclusive background screening and hiring trust partner powering over 15M background checks annually, found in the web recruiting platform.  

Checkr is committed to providing a seamless hiring experience that gives Paylocity users greater transparency and control. Our seamless integrations and background check API make it easy for you to leverage Checkr in Paylocity. By integrating with Checkr, you get the benefits of an AI-powered platform that fundamentally improves background check accuracy and speed.

Increase Productivity and Operational Efficiency

Reduce your time to hire by seamlessly integrating Checkr with ClearCompany.

Kick-off the background check process without leaving ClearCompany by using Checkr.

Eliminate manual background check processes and duplicative systems.

Mitigate Risk and Maintain Compliance 

Stay up-to-date with automatic, regular compliance updates for background checks using Checkr in ClearCompany.

Avoid costly errors by minimizing manual entry of candidate information in the background check process.

Ensure your background check process meets all regulatory and compliance requirements.


Improve the Candidate Experience

Delight candidates with a seamless and intuitive process between ClearCompany and Checkr.

Offer candidates a high-visibility background check experience and self-service portal.

Meet on-time start dates by providing a smoother candidate experience.

Reduce Bias in Your Background Check Process

Reduce bias in your hiring process with a more fair background check process.

Increase diversity and inclusion with ClearCompany and Checkr.

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