Thanks for participating in another great year of Checkr Forward

Checkr Forward 2021 was two days of reflection, learning, and growth. Through the lens of “People, Progress, and Possibilities,” professionals and thought leaders from the technology, background check, and HR industries tackled the return to work and challenges of hiring at scale, supercharging DEI initiatives, the future of fair chance hiring, and insights on the latest regulatory changes. Catch up or revisit any of the sessions today. 







Hear from an impressive lineup of keynote speakers offering solutions to today’s biggest challenges: how to spearhead efforts in the new future of work, how to design DEI strategies that make a lasting difference, and how fair chance hiring improves your business and the community around you. 

DK01 OPENING KEYNOTE 2021 The Future Of Work Still

2021: The Future of Work: Forever Changed

The pandemic has altered the way in which we do work – and the way in which we hire. In this keynote session, Daniel Yanisse, CEO of Checkr, will explain how this new way of operating has broadened Checkr’s vision from background checks to HR technology, all with a focus on the future of work. He’ll also discuss our mission of building a better future through technology by reviewing data that show the clear benefits of fair chance, same day hiring, same day work and progressive screening. Special guests and announcements will be included.

Day1 K02 K03 FromUnemployable Still

Fair Chance in Action: Challenges One in Three Americans Face and Candidates Who Find Success

According to the Prison Policy Initiative, formerly incarcerated people are unemployed at a rate of over 27% higher than the total U.S. unemployment rate during any historical period. The best way to truly understand the impact of finding work after incarceration? Walk in the shoes of those who have lived through it—and found success. We’ll hear from Checkr and customer employees, who will share their struggles to find meaningful work and how, through their determination, they are now contributing to their companies and building their lives.

Day1 K04 LessonsFrom2021 Still

Lessons From 2021 for Growing Companies

While the pandemic has wreaked havoc on the workplace, it’s also taught us valuable lessons about what is possible. In this session, we will talk with leaders at Uber, Lyft, and DDI about how their business has forever changed over the past 20 months, and how Covid has them rethinking the future of work. We’ll also cover what hiring will look like in 2022, hidden talent pools, and how to staff in one day.

Day2 K06 ProductRoadmap Still

Product Innovation for the Future of Work

The way we work has fundamentally changed. Worker expectations have increased creating new challenges that employers and marketplaces must overcome. During this keynote, Gabe Westmaas, Checkr’s SVP of Engineering, will talk about market trends driving Checkr’s product strategy and innovation. Various product leaders will then showcase exciting products Checkr has launched or are coming soon to help you meet the demands of a dynamic workforce.

Day2 K07 ThePowerOfOne Still

The Power of One

Dr. Bernice A. King, CEO of The King Center and the youngest daughter of civil rights leaders Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Coretta Scott King, will talk about the Power of One. King will share her vision to inspire change to increase diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workforce and in daily life and how you can get involved.

Day2 K09 DesigningInclusion Still

Designing an Inclusion Strategy to Advance Belonging at Work

The final closing session of Checkr Forward where Ruchika Tulshyan discusses how to build an inclusion strategy that advances belonging in the workplace. Ruchika covers tips for becoming an inclusive leader, strategies for developing a psychologically safe and inclusive workplace, ways to advance inclusion for women of color at work, how to create an inclusion strategy, and ideas on advancing belonging for all people in the workplace.

Reentry Simulation Thumb3

Want to revisit the Reentry Simulation?

Walk in the shoes of someone leaving prison and reentering society. This thought-provoking experience will both enlighten and challenge your perceptions around system-impacted individuals and their pursuit of employment. Take the time to learn and share its powerful message with your friends and colleagues. 


People are at the heart of hiring and compliance. Learn how to use background checks and scale your hiring programs with safety, security, and humanity in mind.

B01 RealityCheck Still

Reality Check: Background Check 101 for Small Businesses

Checkr’s Runae Lee and Square’s Alexa Kriebel will cover background check basics, including what they are and how they’re best used. Attendees will walk away with a clear understanding of the importance of employment screening and how Square and Checkr empower small businesses to hire quickly and safely.

B04 CounterintutiveLessons Still

Counterintuitive Lessons on Compliance

Navigating the murky waters of compliance can seem overwhelming—but it doesn’t have to be. In this session, Lynn Perkins, Founder of UrbanSitter will talk with Su-Han Wang, Senior Litigation and Compliance Counsel at Checkr, about how UrbanSitter scaled their three-tier trust and safety program, the importance of communicating safety practices, and best practices for mitigating risk.

B07 ScalingSuccess Still

Scaling Success: Lessons from SMB-Turned-Enterprise Company Tülogy

Small business growth is exciting but it’s not without its unique set of challenges. The CEO and Co-Founder of SMB-turned-Enterprise company Tülogy, talks through growing hiring functions while mitigating risk and maintaining compliance. As you learn about the Tulogy experience, you’ll leave with tangible ways to successfully scale your own small business.

B11 AreYouMissing Still

Are You Missing Half of the US Workforce?

In today’s competitive labor market, you need to explore all available options for talent— which includes half of the U.S. workforce classified as freelancers. Learn the advantages of working with this segment of the workforce as well as how to successfully find and hire these candidates.

B13 HowToScale Still

How to Scale Your Volunteer Workforce

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, about one-quarter of Americans volunteer. Employing a workforce of volunteers is hugely rewarding but it also comes with a responsibility for safety. Join us for a panel discussion with Rockpoint Church and Crisis Text Line on the importance of safety as you build a volunteer workforce, and learn from industry experts on balancing growth and security while you scale.


Hear from pioneers in fair chance and DEI to dig into how far we’ve come in eliminating bias in hiring while exploring the work still left to do. 

B02 WhyDiversityAndInclusion Still

Why Diversity & Inclusion Are No Longer “Nice to Have”

Recent McKinsey data show that companies that fail to prioritize ethnic and gender diversity are 29% more likely to suffer financial consequences. Even the nation’s largest employer—the federal government—recognizes the importance of DEI with a recent White House executive order outlining initiatives to broaden opportunities for historically underserved communities—including support for the 5 million formerly incarcerated Americans. This executive order is one stepping stone toward creating a fairer workforce.

B05 HiddenInPlainSight Still

Hidden in Plain Sight: Untapped Talent

The impact of the “Great Resignation” is reverberating across the workforce, with 4 million people leaving jobs this past spring. As companies feel the pressure to replace talent, they may be overlooking an entire segment of qualified candidates. This conversation with investor and author Jeff Korzenik and CROP’s Ken Oliver will highlight the business case for fair chance hiring and how it can open the floodgates of qualified talent.

B12 DataDrivenDecisionMaking Still

Data-Driven Decision Making: Research for Inclusive Hiring

Fear, myths, old anecdotes, and unconscious biases can drive employers’ hiring decisions, ultimately perpetuating or exacerbating existing inequities and potentially creating unnecessary community risk. In this session, we will examine how employers can use data to challenge these old assumptions, make informed decisions, and consider the human impact of policies that categorically disqualify people from work. We’ll also share insights from the “Work of the Future” initiative, a collaboration between Checkr and scholars from MIT, Harvard, and Rutgers. This initiative will partner with Checkr customers to enhance fair chance hiring without increasing risk by connecting background check results with future success metrics on their platforms.

B08 LegislationUpForVote Still

Legislation Up for Vote: The Intersection of Compliance and Fairness

The federal, state and local fair chance laws, like Ban the Box and Beyond the Box, sweeping the nation are manifestations of a growing understanding that having a record should not be a life sentence of unemployment. In all likelihood, you’re in a jurisdiction that has certain requirements and restrictions on how to incorporate criminal records into your application process. Here we’ll discuss how to develop compliant practices and avoid scrutiny from the EEOC, regulators and the public. We’ll also show you how Checkr tools like Candidate Stories and Assess can take the stress out of compliance and fairness.

B14 FiveThings Still

5 Things You Can Do Today to Become a Fair Chance Employer

Now that you see both the financial and ethical benefits, how do you start a fair chance program? How do you start to make changes to remove bias from the hiring process? Film producer and CEO of One Community, Scott Budnick, Frank Long, Director of Risk Operations at Elwood Staffing, along with Checkr will show you 5 actionable steps you can take today, from writing your job postings, to sponsorships and grants that can make a huge difference for fair chance.


Examine the latest trends in hiring from data, candidate experience, and APIs to see how your business can optimize and excel in the future of work. 

B03 TheWorkplaceOf2021 Still

The Workplace of 2021 and Beyond

Twenty-eight percent of job applicants have ghosted a prospective employer over the past year, meaning they disappeared from the application process without a trace. Where are they going and how do you win them back? Barry Asin, the president of Staffing Industry Analysts, explains how the recent changes in operating models, technology and business processes have been the most disruptive changes of the last decade. Applying more than 20 years of SIA’s award-winning research, Asin will discuss how to re-evaluate your culture, work/life balance and opportunities for professional growth in order to motivate not only candidates but also current employees to stick around.

B06 ModernizingTheRecruiter Still

Modernizing the Recruiter Experience

The workforce has evolved, and recruiters must evolve with it if they want to effectively source, retain and redeploy talent. In this panel discussion with HR leaders, small businesses will learn how to make their hiring process more efficient while also making it easier on the recruiter to do their job. You’ll leave with the latest trends to augment your team’s ability to propel your company’s growth.

B10 HowToBuild Still

How to Build a Great Candidate Experience for the Future of Work

According to a report from Deloitte, “Very few organizations take a holistic approach to talent acquisition and the impact it has on candidate experience. Most consider each step of the process (branding, sourcing, interviewing, hiring, and onboarding) separately and craft disparate solutions. A study by Aberdeen Group found, “only 36 percent of companies have invested in a fully integrated talent acquisition strategy. Getting integrated is a critical step to improving the candidate experience.” Join Checkr, ClearCompany and HiredScore as they discuss how to avoid these pitfalls and build an exceptional candidate experience. In this session you’ll learn: how to make the application and pre-screening process both fair and effective, ways to structure interview cycles to keep candidates engaged, tactics for ensuring hiring managers are communicating well with candidates, how to provide both positive and negative candidate feedback, and tips for keeping candidates engaged between offer letter and start date.

B9 FutureOfFlexibleWork Still

Future of Flexible Work: Are Recruiters Going Extinct?

Today’s disruptive technology has created a recruiting experience that can be completed online in a matter of minutes. From the offer letter to background checks to onboarding, a digital transformation is taking shape that is forcing recruiters to adapt. Customers from the Technology Marketplace will explain the problems they have and why they evolved.

B15 APIFirst Still

API First Second to None

In an API-first world, what’s the secret sauce that makes companies succeed? We talk with venture capitalists and startup founders to learn why an API-first strategy is important and how to grow an API-first company. We’ll also discuss tips for removing obstacles along the way to success.