Easier, Safer Adverse Actions

Send adverse action notices for any candidate quickly and easily. Compliance safeguards help lower your compliance risk at every step of the process, and real-time updates help keep things moving.

  • Streamlined filing process
  • Real-time adverse action tracking
  • Built-in compliance safeguards

An Optimized Adverse Actions Workflow

Quick, Compliant Candidate Notices

Save time and lower risk by using Checkr tools to generate customized, compliant pre-adverse action notices with the relevant attachments, right from any candidate's report.

User-Friendly Dispute Management

Checkr's platform guides you compliantly through each step of an adverse action, from pre- and post-adverse action notices to disputes.

Streamlined Workflow

It's easier to plan ahead. With Checkr's dashboard, you can easily view the status of all adverse actions and disputes, pending and completed.


A Guide to Adverse Action


Nature-Time-Nature: 3 Steps to Follow When Making Challenging Hiring Decisions

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