Contact Centers

Checkr has built in specific tools to reduce time to hire and manage the complexity of screening candidates in a contact center.


Helping Contact Centers Excel


Key Impacts to Business

  • Minimize time to hire
  • Dramatically reduce the management complexity of the client screening requirements
  • Accelerate, simplify and bring consistency to running adjudications at scale
  • Benefit from cost efficiencies brought on by software automation

Built for the Specific Needs of Contact Centers

Checkr knows that turnaround time, the variety of screening requirements and adjudications at scale are at the forefront of contact center challenges. Time to placement is mission critical – money is lost every second a potential candidate is not working at location. Client screening requirements are diverse, highly customized and can change rapidly, so you need a screening tool made specifically to manage this.

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Checkr understands that complex client screening requirements by job requisition across multiple sites can be difficult to manage and audit.

To solve this pain we created Programs. Using Programs you can instantly configure and update the screenings required by client, job requisition and site. This saves time and makes it simple to know all the screenings being conducted for any client or at site at any time.


Adjudication Matrix

Checkr’s software based adjudication matrix allows you to define which types
of charges you do not want to flag on reports by charge type and recency. This means:

  • Lowers adjudication personnel cost, because fewer reports require review
  • Reduces on-boarding time
  • Removes inconsistency from the adjudication process creating a more compliant process
  • Checkr uses consistent automation that’s trained by an expert while traditional vendors do this in a slow and error prone way with minimally trained staff reviewing every report leading to inconsistency between adjudicators