The First AI-Powered Background Check Platform

Legacy background checks require pulling disorganized data from disparate sources, manually sorting through inconsistent language, and juggling ever-evolving compliance laws that differ from role to role and region to region. We've rebuilt the background check process with technology at its core. Our AI-powered hiring tools make hiring faster, fairer, and lower-risk.

  • Smart charge classification
  • Dynamic compliance safeguards
  • Automated screening tools

How Our Technology Helps You Hire

More Efficient Screenings

AI can identify, classify, and filter data in a fraction of the time that legacy background checks do. You can screen candidates faster, with fewer resources.

Lower Compliance Risk

Our hiring tools auto-generate compliant paperwork, surface only legally reportable results, and optimize filtering to lower your risk.

Higher-Quality Data

By using artificial intelligence to process charge data, Checkr can provide you with more accurate reports while reducing bias and error.

Scalability to Meet Demand

Our platform has the capacity to handle millions of background checks per year without slowing down, so you can run the checks you need, with confidence.


Why You Should Give Artificial Intelligence a Role in Hiring


3 Ways AI Will Help You Save Time and Convert More Candidates

How Artificial Intelligence Can Expand Your Talent Pool

Studies show that nearly one third of American adults have a criminal record. But not every type of charge is relevant to the job you are hiring for. Our technology-first background checks have customizable screening and filtering settings that can help you review a broader pool of qualified candidates. And, our high-quality data and real-time data feed ensure you get the most accurate and current information on each one, so you can make smart, safe hiring decisions in less time.

How Better Background Technology Helps Reduce the Cost of Hiring

Checkr's technology helps you lower your risk and keep your HR operations lean. Checkr's built-in compliance safeguards help you stay on top of changing compliance legislation, improve reporting accuracy, and reduce human bias and error in your hiring processes. This helps companies avoid millions of dollars in Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) fines. And, our background checks leverage technology to speed up your hiring. For example, features like Progressive Screenings allow you to customize your screening process to surface actionable information earlier, reducing unnecessary costs. Speedier hiring improves candidate conversion and saves your company valuable resources.

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Our tools update along with changing regulations and surface only legally reportable records to help keep your hiring compliant.

The right data can help you keep your workplace and customers safer. Keep tabs on new records connected to your candidates and employees with our Real-Time Feed.

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