Checkr Connect IDV

The industry’s first flexible, unified Identity Verification and Background Check solution.

Every company is facing increasing risk from identity fraud

The traditional methods of verifying identity are falling behind the capabilities of bad actors and fraudsters

Over 17 million identities are stolen in the US annually according to the US Bureau of Justice Statistics. Identities can be purchased on the dark web for as low as $1. Multiple candidates can share the same digital identity. Ensuring candidates are who they claim to be is paramount to maintaining a strong reputation of trust and safety.

Companies need to convert more candidates

Companies are hiring more workers sight-unseen. Whether you’re a marketplace, staffing company, or other employer, providing a seamless experience while validating your candidates is critical to enabling quick, safe, and compliant hiring.

Operationalizing Identity Verification into your Trust & Safety programs is challenging

Identity verification and background checks are disparate workflows. Matching background checks with identities is a manual process and introduces human bias. Integrations are complex, tech-intensive, and expensive.

Improve trust and safety in your business with a unified IDV and Background Check solution.

Combine Checkr’s industry-leading background checks with the most advanced identity verification solutions on the market

No need to compromise on safety or candidate experience. Checkr Connect IDV enables you to easily integrate identity verification providers with Checkr’s background checks.

Hire more candidates, safely

Remove the friction from your onboarding process. With a seamless, unified candidate experience Checkr Connect IDV provides fast and easy onboarding. Validate documents in seconds, not days.

Improve trust, safety, and transparency

Easily catch and prevent fraud by reducing your manual processes. Checkr Connect IDV helps you increase your level of security and protect your reputation.

Eliminate the integration hassle

Realize time and cost savings with seamless, turnkey, pre-built integrations. Get started faster by reducing your reliance on your IT team and focusing your resources on hiring more candidates.