See New Criminal Charges as They Happen with Continuous Background Checks

Running background checks on candidates during the onboarding process provides visibility into their past. But once it's complete, the results are frozen in time, while your worker's background keeps changing. Continuous Check is a subscription service that runs in the background as you engage with your active workforce, notifying you in real-time of any reportable changes to their criminal records. Stronger, more current insights mean safer, more successful work environments.

  • Protection for your brand
  • Safer workplaces and more secure assets
  • Mitigate risk for customers and partners

How Continuous Check Keeps Companies and Customers Safer

How It Works

We gather proprietary data from key sources—including millions of background checks run through our system—to give you real-time updates on new criminal charges in your workforce.

High-Quality, Real-Time Data

Our platform gives you real-time access to relevant, accurate data. Better insights save you resources, and they help keep your business compliant and safe.

Protecting Your Brand's Reputation

Bad publicity can devastate a company's trust, safety, and brand. Continuous Check keeps you in the know about your workforce so you can make smarter, safer hiring decisions.


5 Steps to Running Compliant Background Checks

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How Continuous Check Sets the New Standard of Safety

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The right data can help you keep your workplace and customers safer. Keep tabs on new records connected to your candidates and employees with our Real-Time Feed.

Our tech-driven screenings deliver higher-quality data in less time, helping you hire safer and more efficiently.

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