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Allied Global Services Puts People to Work Faster with Checkr

How Checkr tools, speed, and accuracy help Allied Global Services maintain long-term hiring partnerships across the Midwest.

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About Allied Global Services

Allied Global Services is a full-service recruitment, workforce and solutions firm specializing in Administrative, Accounting, Contact Center, Engineering, Financial Services, Information Technology and Manufacturing for more than 50 years in the Midwest. Through transformative technology, Allied delivers exceptional experiences for candidates and clients. 

Why Checkr?

  • Long-term success with a like-minded, technology-forward partner
  • Open APIs for easy and complete integration with Bullhorn
  • Ability to offer best practices, listen to challenges, and provide best-in-class solutions
  • Full support provided throughout implementation, design, and build

How Allied Global Services Uses Checkr

In the world of staffing and recruiting, Allied Global Services knows that strong partnerships are foundational. To build relationships, Allied uses Checkr’s Continuous Check tool, which offers clients regularly updated background check information. By helping clients avoid surprises, Allied supports clear decision-making when extending contracts or converting workers to full-time. In this way, Allied serves as a hiring partner and not just a one-time staffing provider.

To provide exceptional client and candidate experiences, Allied needed to shorten their previous background check turnaround average of 3 days. With Checkr, that time is now down to a mere 90 seconds for the 300 checks run every month. This, along with the significant time savings Checkr offers with fully stacked integrations, means that Allied’s time-to-hire has dropped from several days to just hours—sometimes even minutes. Not only does this offer a frictionless experience to clients and candidates, but it gives Allied more time to focus on other experience initiatives.

When it comes to Allied’s commitment to inclusive hiring for disenfranchised populations like veterans and people with disabilities, and second chance hiring for the formerly incarcerated, they rely on Checkr’s customizable client profiles to filter information not relevant to the company or role. This can include setting how far into the past a background check looks, thereby reducing biases and expanding talent pools, all while keeping in full compliance with company policy.

Allied’s Favorite Checkr Features

  • Creating customized client profiles that help make unbiased decisions and expand talent pools
  • Continuous Check facilitates long-term client trust and relationships
  • Facilitates second chance hiring by allowing users to shorten look-back windows
  • User friendly and fast platform that is intuitive to use
  • Fast and accurate results
  • Learning Center that efficiently trains staff and clients




300 background checks/month


86% reduction in time to hire (3 days to 5 hours)


300 background checks completed every month


99% reduction in average turnaround time (2-3 days to 90 seconds)

“We needed a partner who had open APIs so we could integrate their system with our existing Applicant Tracking System. Checkr, by far, blew those all the other partners away with its features and forward-looking technology approach.”

Brandon Simmons, Vice President of Innovation and Experience

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