Campus Life and Style offers an elite approach to student housing with the help of Checkr Onboard

Key Results

Prior to Checkr Onboard, onboarding was done manually. Hiring managers were required to collect signatures on hard copies of all applicable hiring and policy documents, and there was often missing information in new hire files.
Check Onboard has helped CLS be more successful by providing a streamlined experience. Helping move candidates through the process without issues has led to a decrease in candidate drop off and a faster time to hire.
Company Overview

Campus Life & Style, or CLS, is an Austin-based property management company specializing in student housing, managing properties nationwide. They hire a wide variety of service providers to meet the management and maintenance needs of each property in their portfolio.


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The Campus Life & Style - Checkr Onboard Story

CLS uses Checkr for both background checks and to onboard all new hires. The benefits team owns the new hire onboarding process, and that process starts with using Checkr Onboard to collect digital signatures on offer letters. Streamlined signature collection is essential for CLS. Due to the nature of their business they have multiple policy documents requiring signature. Depending on the location and employee type Checkr Onboard allows CLS to easily assign documents for review and signature specific to each role.  They also use Checkr Onboard to collect personal information, including I9 identification. Once data and signature collection are complete the candidate moves seamlessly into the Checkr background screening process.

That integration makes things a lot easier for our team. Once a candidate has passed the background and drug screenings, they’re ready to start. It’s all very streamlined with Checkr Onboard.
Jessica Godinez
Director of Payroll and Benefits, CLS

Checkr Onboard helps CLS retain qualified candidates with a process that is simple. Within Onboard candidates can easily access and provide all necessary information, completing onboarding tasks in one spot. The ease of use has helped push quality candidates through to employment.

Onboard has also helped CLS disqualify candidates. Sometimes candidates start the process with little intention of completing onboarding or taking a role. With Onboard the team has access to insights that help them understand when a candidate isn’t committed. Viewing login behavior, and step completion or abandonment helps CLS understand candidate intent and reliability.  Disqualifying candidates saves the team time and expenses, which can be reallocated to serious candidates and growing their team. 

Another key feature offered by Onboard is their communication options. CLS has the ability to engage with candidates 1:1, or at scale. If candidates haven’t completed specific steps they may simply need a reminder to continue the process. From automated reminders, to personalized messaging from the core team or their hiring manager, candidate engagement is fully supported via Onboard. Often this communication can be the encouragement quality candidates need to continue with onboarding and to join the team. 

Prior to using Checkr Onboard not only was the CLS hiring team tasked with a manual process, but their candidates were subjected to that same lift. Candidates would have to receive and print, provide wet signatures, and then scan and return packets of documentation. Onboarding was a lot of work for candidates to complete before being eligible to work. With Checkr Onboard it’s now as simple as inputting information into an application once, without the back and forth. Onboard is a one stop shop providing CLS everything they need to get qualified workers hired without delays or issues.

The implementation and use of Checkr Onboard has resulted in less work for the entire CLS hiring and benefits team. Now they simply provide candidates with an onboarding link and watch as the process is completed step-by-step. They’ve been able to create a more efficient workflow for everybody involved, including candidates. 

Process efficiency is extremely important to CLS. We’re growing at a rapid rate, and we need processes to be executed quickly and seamlessly, and that means modernizing procedures. Onboarding is an essential piece of our business procedures. Our employees are the heart and soul of our company. We need to make sure we provide a positive experience right from the beginning, and that starts with onboarding with Checkr Onboard.
Jessica Godinez
Director of Payroll and Benefits, CLS

CLS’s favorite features

    • Signature collection flow: Signature submission is easy for the candidate, and we can ensure that no document is forgotten or overlooked.

    • Customer Support:  I know when I reach out to the Checkr Onboard team my requests are going to be handled in a timely manner, and my concerns will be quickly resolved.

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