Elwood Staffing Places Over 125,000 Candidates a Year

How Checkr integrations and speed help Elwood Staffing win the race for talent

Company Overview
Founded in 1980, Elwood Staffing is a leading provider of talent-based solutions and actionable workforce intelligence. With over 275 service locations across the U.S., a broad service portfolio, and a seasoned staff, Elwood Staffing supports companies through the entire employment life cycle—from attraction to retention. With the combined expertise of specialized divisions—Elwood Professional and Elwood Tradesmen—they offer a uniquely comprehensive and innovative solution set that effectively meets the needs of clients and associates.
125,000 candidate placements/year

Key Results

Technology-First Platform
Custom-built integration with Erecruit
Efficient Processes and Automation
Replace long turnaround times and reduce manual entry
Increase Speed
Reduce candidate’s time from application to onboarding

Products Used

The Elwood Staffing-Checkr Story

Elwood Staffing serves the light industrial space with over 275 service locations across 30 states. Recently, there’s been an uptick in managed service providers, coupled with a tightening labor market. This has put Elwood in a tight race to grow their talent pool and get qualified candidates submitted quickly. 

Before Checkr, Elwood used a batch ordering process for background checks. Manual entry was required, and recruiters often waited several days for results. Now, with Erecruit integrated with Checkr, background checks are submitted in real time and results are returned into their system, eliminating the need to check email for updates. 

I want to avoid disruptions and unexpected delays. I am looking for predictability. Checkr continues to look for ways to speed things up or make a frictionless process on all sides.
Nick Seger
Chief Operating Officer

In this race where speed to placement is crucial and where every second matters, Elwood relies on Checkr’s speed, accuracy, consistency, and reliability to win more placements. One of the ways Elwood increases speed is through efficiencies gained from a custom-built integration with their Erecruit. Elwood decided to partner with Checkr largely because Checkr was willing and able to build that integration and save Elwood from having to source a 3rd party.

Elwood considers Checkr a true partner who is invested in helping solve their client’s challenges. Checkr has provided content-rich training modules to get employees onboarded quickly and efficiently. Checkr’s commitment to continuously increase speed and reduce friction in the application and onboarding process, all mean no surprises and better results for Elwood Staffing, their clients, and their growing candidate pool.

Elwood’s favorite features

Learning Modules
Custom integration built into Erecruit
On-time delivery
Responsive support team

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