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Greenhouse and Checkr

Hire for what’s next. With Greenhouse and Checkr, we help you be great at hiring by giving you the right technology, know-how and support to hire great talent. Every single time. Adding in background checks to your Greenhouse workflow is easy and allows for you to save time by managing it all in one place. You can feel confident your candidates are also in good hands with an easy to follow process and access to the Checkr Candidate Support team if they have questions.

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This integration includes

Seamless workflow

Add in the background check step easily into your Greenhouse workflow and ensure the right people have access.

Self-service sign up

Start running checks quickly with just a few clicks to connect.

View everything in one platform

Background check status are displayed in Greenhouse, no need to check multiple systems.

Checkr candidate Support

Even though you are ordering the background check though Greenhouse, your candidates will have 24/7 access to the Checkr Support team.

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