Lever + Checkr Webinar

How to Design & Unify Blended Teams

According to a recent study by FlexJobs, 33% of employees prefer a hybrid work arrangement of remote and in-office work and another 65% of employees want to work remotely full-time. This means that HR leaders must start solving the challenges that come with building a “blended” workforce. People leaders need to make sure their organizations are inclusive of full-time remote workers, hybrid workers, and full-time in-office workers.

Join Checkr alongside Lever as we discuss how to unify in-person and remote teams. Hear from a 20-minute keynote on unifying blended teams from Darleen DeRosa, Ph.D., consultant in Spencer Stuart’s Stamford office and co-author of ‘Leading at a Distance: Practical Lessons for Virtual Success’.

You will hear from our experts on:

  • Ways to combat bias towards in-person or remote employees
  • How to communicate efficiently to blended teams across various channels (in-person, audio, video, email, messaging, and asynchronous)
  • How to include all work modalities in decision making and brainstorming meetings 
  • Best practices for interviewing and onboarding blended teams 
  • Ideas on promoting work-life balance to both in-office and all-remote employees
  • Tips for avoiding burnout, loneliness, and video fatigue

Learn from these experts

Elaine Yang

Manager, HR Business Partner

Darleen DeRosa, Ph.D.

Consultant in Leadership Advisory Services
Spencer Stuar

Kim Otis

People Business Partner, Senior Manager

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