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How to Expand & Diversify Your Talent Pool by Looking Beyond Backgrounds

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We're all familiar with the consequences of the tightest labor market in history. Many recruiters at large companies feel like spending more money than ever trying to attract candidates before losing them to upstart competitors. Most recruiters at up-and-coming companies can't see how they can compete with the shiny names and benefits of the behemoths in their space. They're unified in their inability to find top talent — and everyone from the CEO through middle managers are all blowing up their inboxes asking for more help filling roles. It's the most innovative companies — big and small — who are filling jobs faster than ever through new pools to talent.

Our panel of experts will talk through:

  • How to evaluate candidates for attributes and behaviors over experience and education
  • Ways to reduce human bias in the screening and hiring process 
  • Ideas on how to use data to expand your own talent pool
  • Tips for making more objective talent decisions by using the predictive psychometric data
  • Best practices for background screening to promote fair chance hiring

Learn from these experts

Caitlin MacGregor

CEO and co-founder

Caitlin MacGregor, CEO and co-founder of Plum, is passionate about identifying people's potential. That's why, after building two businesses for other people, she founded Plum – to quantify people's potential and give enterprise organizations access to the most critical talent data they need to match people to jobs where they'll thrive.

Committed to creating a more inclusive world that removes barriers and challenges biases, Caitlin believes there is a great opportunity for companies to use technology to reduce bias when making talent decisions to reveal candidates and employees’ human potential to set them up for success.

Caitlin and Plum facilitate partnerships outside the organization to drive inclusivity for all in the workforce and bridge pervasive gaps. Caitlin is also passionate about purpose-driven leadership and recognizes the importance of making talent decisions using objective data and accelerating DE&I. She regularly speaks at industry events and is a champion of #movethedial, an initiative dedicated to increasing women's leadership in tech. Springboard Enterprises NYC selected Caitlin and Plum as one of the top 10 businesses led by women.

Linda Shaffer

EVP, Chief People and Operations Officer

Linda Shaffer manages Checkr's operations and is committed to building the highest quality of service for our customers and applicants. She has successfully scaled operating teams in fast growth, data-intensive companies in media and telecom at YP, Sense Networks, Nielsen, and Accenture.

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