Checkr + BambooHR + Criteria Crop + Greenhouse Webinar

Roadmap to Diverse & Inclusive Hiring in 2021

Live Air Date: November 17th, 2020

As HR leaders, hiring managers, talent acquisition professionals, people operations directors, and compliance officers, we all want our hiring practices to be more inclusive and our teams to be more diverse in 2021. Not only does DEI matter internally—it matters to our candidates too. In fact, according to Glassdoor, “67% of active and passive job seekers said that a diverse workforce is an important factor when evaluating companies and job offers.” So how do we get there?

In this virtual panel, BambooHR, Checkr, Criteria Corp, DoorDash, and Greenhouse discuss how to implement a practical and tangible roadmap to make a real difference within organizations in 2021. Our panel of experts will cover:

  • How to think holistically about D&I as HR leaders
  • Ways to make your workplace more inclusive 
  • Hiring processes and tactics to make your company more diverse
  • Which metrics to track related D&I  within your company
  • How to integrate skills-based hiring and behavioral interviews into your process 

Learn from these experts

JD Conway

Manager of Talent Acquisition
Bamboo HR

Lauren Bell

Fair Chance Development Manager

Rehana Lerandeau

Senior Fair Chance Programs Manager

Brad Schneider

VP of Assessment Science
Criteria Corp

Courtney Renick-Mayer

Senior Manager of Diversity & Inclusion

Gary L. Davis

DE&I Advisory Director

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