Screen and Hire More Efficiently with Ashby and Checkr 

Ashby and Checkr’s partnership allows businesses to recruit and hire more efficiently by offering background checks via a user-friendly, compliant and seamless integration. 

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Use the promo code ashby50 during the sign-up process to receive $40 off your first background check.

For more details on how to set up Checkr in Ashby or how to run your first check, visit our user guide.

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Essential to your Hiring Process

A background check helps ensure the candidate you want is the right fit so you don’t lose out on the best talent. It also helps save costs down the line when it comes to insurance premiums or re-hiring and training. 

Plus, with Checkr there are no commitments, no sign-up fees, and background checks average as low as $25, so you can improve your customers’ and employees’ safety without breaking the bank.

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Streaming your hiring process

Send background check requests to candidates and see results, without leaving the Ashby platform.

Speed up time to hire

The Ashby-Checkr integration speeds up your hiring process by allowing you to easily order Checkr background checks from within the Ashby platform.

Easy to use

Ashby makes their platform easy to use, so you can focus on your operations and growth targets.

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Integrate Checkr with Ashby for:

  • Self-service sign up: Get started with background checks within Ashby with just a few clicks. 
  • Seamless Workflow: Background checks can be sent to candidates directly within Ashby. No need to leave the platform! 
  • Faster Hiring: Customers are able to order to send and review candidates with a few simple clicks, allowing for fast and efficient hiring.

Ready to get started?

We’ve built the easiest background check toolset to make hiring faster, more accurate, and lower risk.

84% of Checkr background check reports complete within 15 minutes

95% of Checkr background check reports complete within 24 hours 

1.5M Checkr background check reports are processed each month