Simple, No Commitment Background Checks for Your Business with DocQ

Checkr’s all-in-one background check solution helps small and medium sized businesses lower risk and grow their passionate teams without high-cost investments.

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More Efficient Hiring

Using Checkr alongside DocQ gives you easy access to background checks, including criminal records, civil searches, education verification, motor vehicle records, drug screening, and employment verification. 

Checkr’s compliance tools combine the power of technology with the confidence of human review, so you can hire faster with less risk.

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Seamless Integration

The DocQ and Checkr integration helps streamline the onboarding process by reducing manual data entry and eliminating tedious manual processes. Customers can get started with the integration with just a few clicks.

Accelerate Your Hiring

84% of Checkr reports are completed within 15 minutes,  and 95% are completed within 24 hours so you can hire and onboard faster.

Streamline Your Process

Automatically execute background checks based on triggers you set up while utilizing the power of the Decision Engine within DocQ to drive conditional logic and automatically update your ATS candidate status.

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Integrate Checkr with DocQ for:

  • Streamlined Ordering:  Order and review background checks without leaving DocQ
  • Pre-Filled Data:  Reduce data entry by pre-populating the invitation for the candidate
  • Real-Time Status Updates:  Gain visibility into the hiring process with data synchronization
  • Mobile-Optimized Experience: Candidates can use their preferred device to complete the background check process

Use the promo code DOCQ2022 during the sign-up process to receive $40 off your first background check.

For more details on how to set up Checkr in DocQ or how to run your first check, visit our user guide.

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