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Navigating the Great Resignation

How small businesses are hiring faster and smarter.

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Designed With Small Businesses in Mind

The great resignation is forcing companies to re-evaluate the relationship they have with their employees. Your relationship with your employees starts at the first interaction you have with them as candidates. Considering an open and transparent background check platform is one of the ways you can show candidates how they’ll be valued as employees.

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How Small Businesses Can Hire Smarter in the Great Resignation

Download our quick-guide to learn:

  • How a technology-first hiring process will help your business
  • Ways AI and Machine learning can improve the way you communicate with candidates
  • Why transparent and friendly background checks with Checkr make a big difference
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Hiring During the Great Resignation for Small Businesses

Get the eBook to learn:

  • How developing an inclusive culture will benefit your business and hiring efforts
  • Steps to implementing a fair chance hiring process
  • The positive impact utilizing fair assessment criteria will have on meeting your hiring goals and why

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