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Hiring in food service will ebb and flow as the pandemic plays out, but as the economy reopens adaptable service models like delivery will remain. The challenge will be not only to staff these models quickly, but to train and manage that talent flexibly. This requires a background check solution that can help you scale your workforce strategically.

    Top food service companies choose Checkr

    Enterprise food service companies can be complex. That’s why they need a hiring solution that combines strong compliance and stability with the flexibility of modern technology.

    Food services giant staffs 100k+ with a team of 22

    The largest food service companies in the world are taking lessons from the gig economy on how to expand their service models and redefine the way they engage with workers. Compass Group, the 11th largest employer in the world, leverages a modern tech stack to do just that. Through experimenting with technology in their hiring process, they were able to hire over 100,000 candidates in 2019—with a team of just 22. 

    Checkr solutions for the food service industry

    Candidate experience

    A modern experience that empowers candidates

    Candidates apply for jobs with a mobile device. With our mobile-friendly candidate portal, candidates can submit required personal information quickly, track the status of their background check, find answers to questions, and connect with Checkr’s dedicated, live support team.

    Fair chance hiring

    Expand your talent pool while improving diversity

    Identifying and hiring talent has always been a challenge in the food service industry, but technology can help talent acquisition teams get ahead of turnover challenges. Fair chance hiring can help you to unlock new talent pools or even repurpose talent that is already in the hiring funnel, so you can fill jobs quickly with motivated candidates.

    Smart adjudication

    Streamline hiring for new process efficiencies

    Food service companies must scale up quickly in regions that are open for business today. With smart adjudication tools, you can remove hiring bottlenecks and onboard new hires faster, with fewer resources.

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