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Checkr believes in changing perspectives through education and action. Our background check technology, built on trust and safety and strengthened through fairness tools, offers a meaningful way to widen your talent funnels through the routine act of hiring.

Fair chance hiring for better business outcomes

Your company

Fair chance hiring policies to help the formerly incarcerated gain employment provides employers with many benefits–access to a larger talent pool, improved retention rates, lower employee turnover, compliance with ban-the-box laws, supporting DE&I initiatives, and qualification for tax credits.

Your candidates

Employment is the single most important influence on reducing recidivism–to reoffend. Our Candidate Stories feature allows applicants to provide valuable context for their record to improve understanding of the past, enabling companies to make informed hiring decisions.

Our community

People exiting the criminal justice system and gaining employment become economically stable and contribute to strengthening the community by increasing economic vitality as tax-payers. Employment creates increased financial stability for families and reduced rates of recidivism, enabling individuals to create a better future.

Looking to a fairer future


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