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All new Y Combinator companies that sign-up for Checkr receive a $1,000 credit towards running background checks. Simply fill out the form on this page and someone will be in touch to get you up and running. 

  • Easy to use
    For you and your candidates – on web and mobile devices
  • Get results fast
    98% of nationwide criminal checks complete within one hour
  • Built-in compliance
    Helps you stay compliant with FCRA and local laws
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About the Y Combinator and Checkr partnership

  • All Y Combinator companies that are new to Checkr will receive a $1,000 credit
  • Redeem this deal by signing up for Checkr above, then you’ll automatically get $1,000 off any background check fees, with no minimums required
  • All YC founders receive expedited support
  • Both current and alumni YC founders are eligible

If you have any questions, please email for more information.

Checkr helps you hire faster and smarter

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Fill open roles quicker

84% of Checkr’s reports are completed within 15 minutes.

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Get set-up and work easier

Integrate background checks into your workflow with Checkr’s robust API.

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Implement fair chance hiring practices

Reduce human bias and gain access to wider pools of talent by being able to adjust decisions criteria and conduct individual assessments based on your hiring needs.

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Why Checkr?

Our mission is to build a fairer future by designing technology that reduces human bias in the hiring process—creating more opportunities for everyone, and giving companies access to a wider and more diverse hiring pool.