Introducing Checkr Academy: Your Free Learning Hub For Better Background Checks

February 07, 2024
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Editor’s Note: This blog was written by Katie McMurray, Head of Checkr Academy.

When it comes to hiring or bringing on new people, how do you efficiently complete the background check process for a candidate or employee? How do you evaluate the report results to make a decision on that candidate? What does this experience look like for you, your hiring teammates, and your candidates and employees?

We’re excited to introduce Checkr Academy—our free learning hub—to help you learn how to efficiently use Checkr to hire great new people. Quick videos, courses, simulations, and live training webinars from Checkr experts show you how to optimize your hiring workflows, save time ordering and reviewing reports, navigate compliance, and more.

We've noticed that many businesses across industries lack access to easy-to-consume content to learn best practices for navigating the complex world of background checks. With Checkr Academy, you’ll find a range of bite-sized learning content hosted by Checkr experts, designed to equip you to optimize your hiring workflows.

Our Checkr experts offer a mix of on-demand videos, courses, simulations, and live training webinars. Whether you’re looking to get started with Checkr, save time ordering and reviewing background checks, or learn how to make compliance decisions that are best for your organization, Checkr Academy will help get you up to speed.

Whether you already use Checkr or are interested in doing so, make your journey with us more productive and efficient with Checkr Academy. We believe that equipping you with valuable skills to navigate your hiring processes leads to better and fairer outcomes for your organization, candidates, and employees.

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Looking ahead

As Checkr continues to build people infrastructure for the future of work, we’ll add new videos, courses, simulations, learning paths, and live training webinars to Checkr Academy. We seek to enable you to continue advancing your skillset, so you can optimize your hiring processes beyond better background checks. Get started with Checkr Academy at today!

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