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Continuous Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) Check

Uncover motor vehicle incidents 4 months earlier

11% of all Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) reruns have at least one new violation when compared to an initial MVR. Drivers with violations in the past year are 46% more likely to be involved in a future crash compared to drivers with no violations.

Continuous MVR checks provide ongoing, post-hire screening for active drivers and alert you to new incidents on a driver’s record. By seeing changes in near real time, you can determine if a driver no longer meets eligibility requirements.

Why companies choose continuous MVR checks

  • Reduce safety gaps
    On average, continuous MVR checks return records 4+ months earlier than an annual MVR re-run
  • Cost reductions
    Many insurance companies reduce premiums with a continuous monitoring program in place
  • Differentiate your offering
    Gold-standard driver safety programs are a differentiator for your customers
  • Operational efficiency
    Reduce burden for operations teams, manual workarounds, and human error associated with operating across multiple disparate systems

How it works

  • Enroll drivers in minutes
    Reduce manual work with the enrollment method of your choice: API, CSV, or dashboard
  • Create custom rule sets
    Customize a different MVR rule set for post-hire scenarios
  • Receive automatic reports
    When an incident is detected, a report is automatically generated, evaluated against your rule set, and sent directly to your Checkr portal

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As the last mile delivery provider for larger retailers like Walmart, we wanted to ensure our customers we’re providing a gold-standard in driver safety. Continuous MVR helps ensure the safety of our employees, reduces costs, and allows us to provide top-notch service to our customers.”
Ernesto Martinez
Director of Enterprise Operations, DDI

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