Automated background screenings and driving records

Run background checks automatically and securely
with our web application or RESTful API.

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Screen candidates faster

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Clear & simple reports

Checkr’s color-coded dashboard makes it easy to browse and evaluate background reports that include national and county criminal records, driving history, SSN verification, previous addresses and more.

Simple API
REST, JSON, Webhooks

Our simple and robust API lets you integrate in minutes. We provide clean documentation and powerful developer tools. Receive real-time results in your application via webhooks.

Secured Data
SSL, Encryption, Storage

Checkr uses modern encryption methods to both transfer and store user information. Data is always transferred using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and AES-256 bit encryption. Sensitive information like Social Security Numbers are stored encrypted at the database level.

Legal protection
FCRA compliant

Checkr makes pre-employment background screening fast, legal, and ethical. We are compliant with state and federal employment laws. We offer free assistance and support if you have any questions about the screening process.