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Businesses competing with the gig economy for talent make hiring at speed — while maintaining compliance — mission critical.

Partnering with Checkr to run background checks allows top restaurant franchises to tap into our modern technology, commitment to compliance, and growth expertise.

Franchise customers that trust Checkr

Partner integrations

Our platform plugs into the ATS and HRIS systems you’re already using, so you can start transforming the background check experience right away.

How Checkr helps you grow your franchise

Candidate Experience

A mobile-first candidate experience

As the hiring and labor landscapes continue to shift, easy to use and accessible technology are crucial to winning talent. What’s more, candidates may only have a mobile device at their disposal. Checkr’s background check experience is accessible on any device for candidates to complete their background check on the go, track the status real-time, and connect with a dedicated live support team.

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Compliance Tools

Protect your brand

It’s hard to keep up with regulations and risk management while also growing your workforce. With Checkr, you don’t need to make trust and safety trade offs to win talent. Our product offers a compliance toolset that is regularly updated to address new and changing regulations, taking the pressure off of you and your teams. Moreover, Checkr is a key partner in speed to hire with customers reporting 30% faster average background check completions. 

Smart Adjudication

Better adjudication solutions to quickly scale your workforce

Time is of the essence and accordingly to Glassdoor, restaurants and bars have the shortest interview processes of all industries. Implementing modern technology like Checkr’s smart adjudication will help win talent over competition by reducing manual work. In fact, a $4 billion business using Checkr’s custom filtering saved 38 weeks of work in manually reviewing non-crucial charges.

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Customer Story

Retail Industry

Retailers meet seasonal hiring demands with Checkr’s speed and compliance, while the platform’s efficiency brings growth and expansion.

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