Background Check: All You Need to Know in Employment Checks

Talent is the key to unlocking your business’s potential. Get the full story on your candidates with a background check from Checkr and unveil the issues that could affect your organization. Our AI-powered background checks are designed to protect your business during the hiring process. Take the hassle and the strain out of conducting a background screening and let us get the information you need.

Background Check Need to Know

What is a Background Check?

Pre-employment background checks are pivotal to ensuring your business manages its risk and makes the best employment decisions. Whether you are a Fortune 500 company or a small business, a background check for employment guarantees that you know the full story before you hire.

Background check services monitor everything from criminal records to validating a candidate’s professional licenses and qualifications. At Checkr, we use our innovative, AI-powered platform to conduct fast and efficient checks before you hire. Background check companies have a crucial role in helping you with your hiring process. While you could do your own pre-employment background checks, it’s time-consuming and labor-intensive.

Why not outsource the problem to the professionals at Checkr instead?

Why Do You Need Background Check Services?

Every time you make a new hire, it is an investment. An investment in time, resources, and money. How do you guarantee that you are making the right call? Companies want to ensure they’re making the right talent investment for their needs, and an employee background check offers confidence in the decision.  So, why do you need an employee background check company to help you hire the right talent?

Reduce employee attrition

Increase your chances of hiring the right person by conducting an employment background check before signing an employment contract.

Verify qualifications

Make sure your talent has the qualifications your company requires for the role.

Align values

Confirm that your favored candidate has a value set that fits in with your company’s values and culture.

Protect your workplace

Keep your employees and business safe by hiring candidates who are the right fit for the job.

Limit liability

Potentially lower insurance costs by running a background check on all future employees.

Adverse Action

Advanced AI-Driven Background Screening

We believe in a higher standard of background checks. With traditional background check companies, getting all the information you need to make an informed decision can take days, or even weeks, to accomplish.

Checkr believes in a better, fairer hiring process, and advanced AI-driven background screening empowers us to do just that. AI uncovers and classifies data in a fraction of the time it used to take. Where other employment background check companies are still manually looking over job candidates, we are running checks in a matter of hours.

AI Powered Core Content Compliance Engine

AI-driven background screening uses an advanced machine learning method to conduct more than 1.5 million background checks every month.

Moreover, AI is about simplicity. While it may be complicated on the backend, on the frontend, we keep things simple with a best-in-class user experience. 

Get the information you need with guaranteed speed, accuracy, and efficiency only with Checkr.

Complete Background Checks in All Areas

Checkr empowers you to carry out comprehensive checks while remaining in compliance with all Federal and state laws. With Checkr, you can conduct background screenings that go beyond a simple criminal record lookup. Enter the new era of pre-employment screenings and begin your comprehensive background checks now.

Criminal Records

Find out about an applicant’s criminal history with a full readout of their publicly available criminal records directly from the courts.

Checkr ensures that your business is educated on all rules regarding what you can and cannot use in your employment decisions.

As an authorized partner, we can obtain records quickly–including any pending cases.


Scale your workforce quickly with an education check. Verify a candidate’s academic history to ensure your new hires have the skills necessary to be an asset to your growing team.

Checkr scours public records to authenticate both domestic and international qualifications.

We also go even further by consulting official licensing bodies when you need an employee with a specific qualification.

Whatever qualification you need to fill a hole in your organization, get it checked with Checkr.

Civil Search

Go beyond a criminal history and conduct a civil search. Our civil searches delve into not just a candidate’s criminal record but also their legal history.

With a Checkr civil search, you can find out about:

  • Liens
  • Restraining orders
  • Tax claims
  • Interstate disputes
  • And more…

Our AI-powered core searches county and Federal records to get the full story on any potential new hire.


Verify a candidate’s work history, both at home and overseas. Make sure your candidate has the experience needed to take your business to the next level.

Not only is confirming a candidate’s employment records vital for choosing the candidate best placed to grow your company, but certain industries may also have legal restrictions on how much experience a candidate needs before you can hire them.

With Checkr, you can reduce your risk and make the right decision every time.

Motor Vehicle Reports

Does your company need someone who will be required to drive regularly?

Our Motor Vehicle Reports (MVRs) comb through a potential employee’s driving record directly from the Department of Motor Vehicles and other major licensing bodies.

Find out about a candidate’s driver’s license status, class, and any violations or suspensions they may have incurred.

At Checkr, we understand how important hiring a good driver is. Now you can hire with confidence.

Background Check Results You Can Trust

Accuracy is just as important as speed. Checkr has not only adopted advanced AI technology, but we have also rebuilt the background screening process from the ground up. Our platform can search through millions of records to quickly paint a picture of your chosen candidate. When public records are not available, we dig deeper.  If there is something of note, you will find out about it immediately through our easy-to-use dashboard. Hire your next employee with confidence. Choose accuracy, speed, and efficiency in every background screening.

Choose Checkr and sign up for better background checks now.