Build a fairer future

Every day, we’re building technology to connect companies with larger, more diverse pools of qualified candidates and creating ways to connect jobseekers with the resources they need to join the workforce.

We’re a talented team of dedicated people doing challenging, meaningful work toward a better future. Join us!

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Bringing technology to background checks

We’re using artificial intelligence and machine learning to solve for the complexities involved in each and every background check. Learn more about our unique approach and the teams that power it.

Driven by our values


We are respectful and free from arrogance. We put the success of our employees over our company and are excited to learn from each other.


We trust each other to communicate the good and the bad as it relates to doing our best work. We aren’t afraid to voice our opinions and are receptive to feedback.


We are passionate and hustle to raise the bar. We persevere through our challenges and grow from our failures.


We strive for thoughtful impact, take pride in our work, and hold ourselves accountable. We step up and take on new challenges to help further the success of the company.


We genuinely care about each other and understand that our people are our power. We celebrate our lived experiences and enjoy helping and supporting each other.

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Compensation at Checkr

Our total rewards approach to compensation includes cash, equity, benefits, perks, and experiences. At all levels of the company, we balance short term and long term compensation elements with incentives for high performance. We benchmark new hire compensation using competitive salary data for companies of similar size and stage. We also use the geographic cost of labor in each market to determine a fair market value for each role and region. Once you are on board, you can expect a regular review of your compensation to ensure that it continues to be competitive and aligned with individual impact and company performance.

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Pay Transparency

One of our core values at Checkr is transparency and in keeping with that value, we have decided to go beyond what is expected of us and be transparent about our pay. Employees have access to the salary range for their role, level and location. For candidates, we share our representative target salary range and benefits offerings. Roles that are considered remote will include the salary range for all possible locations, with an explanation that if a candidate is selected for a recruiting screen, we will communicate the exact range, based off of the candidate’s location, at the beginning of the call.

Our benefits

Comprehensive health plans

We cover 100% of insurance premiums for medical, dental and vision.

Mental health programs

We provide access to free behavioral health sessions for employees and dependents.

Family planning

We offer a generous allowance for family planning and fertility support.

Home office stipend

We reimburse for home office equipment and/or wifi connectivity.

Education reimbursment

We pay up to $3,000 annually for education or classes that pertain to your career.

Quarterly connection budgets

We fund #connection with your team through in-person or virtual events.

In-office perks

Our culinary team serves a rotating menu for lunch, along with unlimited snacks and drinks.

Monthly wellness allowance

Put this towards fitness classes, gym memberships or other wellness activities.

Commuter benefits

Be reimbursed for public transportation or other commuter expense.


Diversity and belonging

The background check has an incredible impact on the lives of millions of jobseekers. We believe that in order to build the best product and company, we need a diverse set of perspectives and lived experiences in the room.

That includes bringing in people of different races, genders, sexualities, ages, education levels, caregiver, abilities, and veteran status, along with people with different backgrounds and people whose histories are impacted by our justice system. Beyond bringing in the best talent, we strive to create space and opportunities for diverse perspectives to be heard and considered in shaping decisions across Checkr.

Our workplace awards

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2023 Built In Best Places to Work in the US

Checkr joins the rank among some of the biggest names in tech on BuiltIn’s Best Places to Work in 2023. BuiltIn determines the winners based on an algorithm measuring compensation, benefits, DEI programs, and other people-first cultural offerings.

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2021 Comparably’s Best Company in Happiness: Happiest Employees 2021

The highest-rated companies are based on a variety of factors that make an employee happy, such as being paid fairly, having great perks and benefits, clear goals to be invested in, and a positive work environment.

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Fortune’s Change the World List 2021

Fortune’s Change the World list honors 50 companies that use the creative tools of capitalism—including the profit motive—to address society’s unmet needs. Checkr was named for our mission of fair chance hiring and our commitment to making the world a fairer place.

“I am proud to be a Checkr because of our commitment to inclusion and belonging of all employees. As a leader of our womxn’s resource group, the support and encouragement that is shared among employees is truly inspiring.”
Megan Baker
Director of Payroll, Stock and 401(k)
“I am proud to be a Checkr because of our commitment to inclusion and belonging of all employees. As a leader of our womxn’s resource group, the support and encouragement that is shared among employees is truly inspiring.”
Megan Baker
Director of Payroll, Stock and 401(k)
“I’m proud to be a Checkr because we are deeply engrossed in our country’s broken justice system and thus, have a unique opportunity to help fix it. I’m proud to be working with brilliant, passionate and rebellious coworkers who carry out this mission every day.”
Megan Goddard
Sr. Product Compliance
“I’m proud to be a Checkr because I get to work with extremely talented, humble, hardworking people who care deeply about a mission that I value. My coworkers are sparking real change in the world through our Fair Chance hiring initiatives and outreach.”
Rachel Suding
Senior People Operations Specialist
“I’m proud to be a Checkr because I have had the pleasure of seeing small but mighty teams do incredible passion – mission projects. Our CEO is genuine and truly looks to further our mission. An honor to both thrive in the Revenue Org and enjoy the hard work of our community.”
Nicole Rockwell
Outbound Sales Development Representative
“As a Product Designer at Checkr, I’ve had amazing opportunities to empathize with the reentry community and connect with people going through the background check process. I’m proud to work at Checkr where the mission and product are deeply intertwined.”
Melanie Cernak
Product Designer, Checkr
“I am proud to be a Checkr because I get to wake up every day and contribute to the fight for equality for all people. No matter how they identify, look, or their past experience.”
Quinn Evans
Sales Manager, Checkr
“I take pride in working at Checkr because we don’t just “Talk The Talk, we actually Walk The Walk”. Top performers on my team are fair chance hires. Their work ethic and genuine dedication to growing our company’s mission make them extremely valuable to us.”
Karla Alarcon
Candidate Experience Representative

Join us!

We’re a talented team of dedicated people doing challenging, meaningful work toward a better future.

Checkr is committed to protecting the privacy and security of the information we collect and to being transparent about the purposes for which
we use your information. Please see more information related to CPRA here.