We build critical software that has a big impact on people’s lives

We believe everyone deserves a fair chance to work and are devoted to bringing more fairness and transparency to the hiring process. Our engineers play a direct role in improving the lives of millions of people every year. Come join our mission!

What we’re working on

We’re using languages and tools like Ruby on Rails, Golang, Kafka, Docker, Kubernetes, and Sagemaker to:

  • Develop new features to reduce bias in the hiring process
  • Apply machine learning to tough challenges in identity matching and charge classification
  • Build and maintain open-source projects like our feature-flagging framework, Flagr
  • Deliver leading SaaS capabilities for large and complex enterprise customers
  • Build new products to increase trust & safety standards for our customers

Join us!

We’re a talented team of dedicated people doing challenging, meaningful work toward a better future.