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Hi there. We’re Checkr, the AI-led background check solution that integrates with your platform. If you’re an ATS, HR, or onboarding solution, we’d love to work with you. We’ve partnered with BambooHR, Lever, Greenhouse, and over 50 other platforms to unlock new revenue streams and deliver greater value.

Help your customers hire better

You have great customers and a powerful platform. All that’s missing is a seamless background check integration.

Checkr’s AI-powered platform and trust & safety features empower your customers to hire better. With a scalable API and native integrations, your customers can easily run background checks between platforms. It’s a seamless experience for them and a strategic differentiator for you.

Partner spotlight: Greenhouse

Checkr partners with Greenhouse through our first-class integration and shared dedication to candidate experience. Together, we help companies hire better by providing a suite of software and services, a partner ecosystem, and white-glove support.

Checkr has over 100+ integrated partners

“Checkr has been a great addition to our Apps Marketplace. Our customers have been waiting a long time for this integration and we are extremely excited to now offer this solution to them.”
Partner Marketplace Specialist
“Lever and Checkr have partnered together to bring your recruiting process under one roof. By directly integrating the two platforms, customers are able to seamlessly complete all stages of the hiring process without leaving Lever. This integration emphasizes speed, candidate experience, compliance, and accuracy!”
Director of Partnerships & Business Development
“Greenhouse’s mission is to help every company become great at hiring, and we can’t do that without a thriving ecosystem of integration partners. Our first-class integration with Checkr enables customers to quickly and effectively screen pending hires. Beyond the technical integration, our dedication to customer success and candidate experience creates a dynamic partnership that is driven by helping customers.”
Director of Partnerships

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