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Spend more time doing business and less time on hiring.

As a leading background service for small business, Checkr’s simple and affordable platform empowers you to conduct a background screening in a matter of minutes. Just sign in, launch your background check, and let Checkr do the work.

Thousands of small businesses nationwide use Checkr for background screening

Why small businesses use Checkr

Start the same day

Our background check services for small businesses make it simple to sign up, start a background check, and review results sooner. 98% of reports using Checkr’s Basic+ package complete within one hour. 

Easy-to-use dashboard

Access your online background check dashboard 24/7, with no need for paperwork or manual processes. You can log in, get your results, and make a decision in minutes.

No commitment, pay-as-you-go pricing

Account setup is free, and you can select from Checkr’s pre-bundled affordable background check packages to find the small business background screening services you need. Packages include criminal record checks, employment and education verification checks, and MVR checks. 

Stay compliant

Get peace of mind when it comes to screening compliance. Checkr helps you maintain compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), and is 100% committed to delivering background check results that are both fair and transparent.

Modern technology, in-depth results

Stop wasting time and resources using legacy background check systems with outdated processes. Checkr’s advanced background check technology is designed to deliver fast and accurate results.

Make a good impression

Build trust during the background screening process. Checkr makes background checks faster and friendlier with a mobile-optimized candidate portal and built-in FAQ to support your candidates throughout the process.

Small business background check laws to know

When using a background check service for small business background checks, employers must follow rules and regulations designed to protect both you and your candidates.

Federal, state, and local laws, such as ban-the-box laws, restrict and regulate when background checks can be conducted, what can be reported, and what information you can use when making a hiring decision.

For example, the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) states background checks can only report on arrest records and non-convictions within the last seven years. Further, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) provides and enforces federal guidelines, including the guidance that background checks should be applied fairly and not be used only on selected candidates.

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We’re here to help

At Checkr, we understand how complicated compliance can be for small businesses who may not have a dedicated team member in place to ensure you’re following the law. Checkr’s built-in compliance toolset accounts for regional compliance regulations and automatically generates authorizations, disclosures, and adverse action notices, taking the pressure off your team’s manual processes. And our proprietary, AI-powered platform delivers fast, fair results.

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