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Reduce risk and build safer workplaces with Continuous Checks

Continuous Checks run in the background and notify you of reportable changes to your workers’ records in real-time—so you can keep your company and customers safe.

Increase visibility with Continuous Crim

Background checks are critical to gaining an understanding of your risk before hiring a candidate, but once a background check is complete, the results remain static and could become outdated. Even if you re-run checks annually, you still lack visibility into behavior between them.

Continuous Crim is a subscription service that surfaces changes in your candidates’ records in real-time, utilizing sources such as county criminal search data, arrest record data, and Checkr’s proprietary data. This, in turn, allows you to minimize risk and protect your brand.

Uncover driver incidents 4 months earlier with Continuous MVR

Recent driving violations strongly predict future negative outcomes—in fact, drivers with violations in the past year are 46% more likely to get in an accident. But an annual MVR often doesn’t surface violations until long after they’ve happened. 

With Continuous MVR, Checkr looks for incidents like speeding tickets, suspended licenses, and DUIs on an ongoing basis. This can help you find incidents 4+ months sooner than an annual MVR—enabling you to keep customers safe, reduce risk, and lower insurance costs.

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How ongoing background checks build trust

Data shows that recent behavior is far more reflective of current risk than past behavior. Today, companies can reduce risk by adopting a real-time approach to background checks.

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