Smarter insights to hire faster and fairer

Checkr Analytics provides you with all the information you need to quickly identify hiring  slowdowns and find new opportunities to expand your talent pool—all while maintaining a consistent process to mitigate risk.

Get ahead of background check bottlenecks

If there’s an unexpected slowdown in a background check, you’ll know why. Did the candidate submit their information? Which court closures are causing delays? Checkr Analytics helps you act on reports that have been delayed and keep the communication lines open with candidates.

Reduce risk and potential bias

We all know it’s important to keep adjudication consistent. Checkr Analytics lets compliance teams monitor adverse action rates and report volume by adjudicator, to ensure you’re making fair and consistent decisions.

Power your own advanced analysis

Check performance across different time ranges, geos, packages, or offices, and export CSVs to dive into the details. Analyze adverse actioned reports to pinpoint opportunities to adjust your adjudication criteria, so that you can increase the size of your talent pool, while keeping people safe.

“Using Checkr and our own internal analytics, we noticed some inefficiencies in how we were onboarding our operators. Using this data, we were able to build a different onboarding experience, putting the background check first. It enabled us to improve our conversions by 50 percent.”
Noah Labhart
Co-founder and CTO, Veryable

How business teams use Checkr Analytics


Improve background check processes

  • Which markets or segments are seeing a slowdown in the background check process, and why?
  • How can we decrease background check TAT?


Diagnose hiring health

  • How are candidates converting over time?
  • How can we improve our hiring criteria to hire more people?


Maximize safety

  • Are we adjudicating reports consistently?
  • How are our rules performing?

How hiring, HR, and operations leaders use background check data

For hiring, HR, and operations leaders, success depends on their ability to act on data. But when these leaders think about hiring data, they often forget about the treasure trove of background check analytics available to them. Learn how companies have improved hiring speed and fairness using their data.

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