Background Checks for the Gig Economy

Checkr powers 95% of the gig economy, helping gig and marketplace companies scale their businesses quickly without sacrificing trust and safety.

With the first background check API, companies integrate background checks into their products to provide seamless user experiences, go-to-market faster, and drive revenue growth. Grow your business knowing you have a modern and reliable partner who understands your needs as you scale.

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How Checkr helps you hire safely


Convert candidates to earners in record time

Checkr disrupted background checks by rethinking how to automate a historically cumbersome, confusing, and error-prone process. By changing the way systems approach identity matching, the way machine learning normalizes charge language, and using AI to drive compliance, Checkr enables companies to receive reports faster and interpret them more efficiently.


Grow your business

Checkr isn’t just built for speed and accuracy. We’ve perfected our technology over time to suit the unique needs of the gig industry: high volumes, trusted up-time, reliable data, and transparent process that converts candidates to earners. The Checkr API-first infrastructure gives you the clarity you need throughout the background check process, all from the comfort of your current workflows.


Monitor for critical events to ensure ultimate trust and safety

Checkr offers continuous criminal and MVR screenings to give companies an ongoing picture of any events that might impact an earner’s ability to get the job done safely. From driving incidents to criminal activity, Checkr searches for relevant changes in public records data and pulls updated reports when necessary. Continuous safety is a cost effective solution while still mitigating risk on your platform.


Open up your candidate pool

Due to countless societal factors, most candidates today have some sort of criminal record that is potentially excluding them from the job market unnecessarily. With Checkr, companies can filter records that aren’t related to the nature of the job they are hiring for. This helps adjudicators remove significant time from the evaluation process and gives hiring teams a clear view of the available talent they’re able to screen in as a result.

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How ongoing background checks build trust in the gig economy

We explore the challenges companies in the sharing economy face when it comes to maintaining trust and safety on their platforms and share a more holistic data-driven framework for addressing them.

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