All in on Innovation: Laborjack partners with Checkr for Onboarding, Background Checks, and Payments

Laborjack utilizes Checkr’s full hiring suite to create a better hiring, onboarding, and post-hire experience

Company Overview

Laborjack provides on-demand access to pre-screened workers for a wide variety of tasks, including moving, temporary workers, warehouse staff, and a variety of other home projects.


On Demand Services


2-10 employees; 1,000 contractors

Key results

Cost to onboard candidates has been reduced by 75%.

Candidate conversion rate increased from 8% to 12%.

Favorite feature

Customer Support

An agile, solutions-based support team that puts the customer experience first.

Products Used

Laborjack - Checkr Story

Laborjack is a gig economy staffing app that connects consumers and organizations with reliable workers for any type of project. What started as a small-scale, B2C model quickly expanded into B2B territory, providing businesses with contractors for anything from warehouse events to property management.  

With the fast growth that Laborjack was experiencing, they needed a background check vendor that could help improve efficiencies and provider faster turnaround time - standards their previous provider was not able to meet. 

Blake Craig, CEO and co-founder of Laborjack, heard about Checkr from an applicant tracking system they had previously evaluated. Checkr stood out from the rest due to its speed and reliability, “In the gig space, time to close is crucial. The background check times are much quicker than what we had before so we’re really happy with the speed that Checkr has provided,” said Blake, “Making the transition to Checkr has allowed us to not worry about background checks being a roadblock to onboarding successful Laborjacks onto our platform.” 

Laborjack made the switch to Checkr, not only for their background screening needs, but also for their onboarding and payment solutions. From the start, Laborjack appreciated the continuity between the platforms and the service team, with the added bonus of a dedicated support staff that truly cared about their customer experience.

My favorite thing about Checkr is that we have three vendors under one umbrella, and the efficiencies that come along with having that consolidation are crucial to our success. It helps us reduce our HR costs for our internal team, while also enjoying cost savings from having three solutions consolidated under one vendor.
Blake Craig
CEO and co-founder, Laborjack

With Checkr Pay, the Laborjack team appreciates the ease in which they can manage their outflows, and their workers value the ability to receive instant payment at no cost to them. 

As a result of the speed of Checkr products and solutions, Laborjack has experienced a 35% decrease in time spent onboarding new workers – a significant increase in efficiency. The company also benefits from Checkr Pay’s enhanced customer service, increased transparency surrounding analytics and fees, and workers’ access to instant pay.

In partnership with Checkr, Laborjack is staying true to their mission of creating the best environment for their workforce to succeed.

I don’t know how Checkr does what they do, but the background check times are much quicker than what we had before. And in our industry in the gig space, that time to close is crucial. Every second and every minute helps, so we’re really happy with the turnaround speed Checkr has provided.
Blake Craig
CEO and co-founder, Laborjack

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