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A Modern Platform for Trust and Safety

Checkr’s People Trust Platform sets a new standard for speed, accuracy, and safety in hiring. With modern background check technology, our platform helps establish trust between candidates and employers, and connect more people with work.

Our background check screenings

We help our customers run millions of background checks per month with confidence and speed. We offer a variety of screenings to help you assess candidates more easily.

Criminal Records Check

Search for publicly available criminal records from federal courts, state-level record sources, country courthouses, and more on a standalone or recurring basis.

Drug and Health Screenings

Checkr offers comprehensive drug, alcohol, and occupational health-related testing services to employers.

Verification Check

Checkr offers National and International Educational and Employment Verifications as well as Personal and Professional Reference Checks.

Driver Screenings

Search for records specifically related to driving history such as licence status, violations, accidents, suspensions and more on a standalone or recurring basis.

Registry Searches

Search various domestic and international registries for relevant background information on candidates that are seeking employment.

Civil Searches

Perform county and federal civil records checks on candidates that are seeking employment.


Hiring and Risk Products

Establish trust with candidates and hire faster

With our suite of Hiring Products, you can increase recruiter productivity, optimize your candidate conversion, and reduce human bias in your hiring process, while our Risk Products help ensure you’re delivering the highest level of trust and safety to your candidates and customers.

Better technology for better hiring

More efficient screenings

AI can identify, classify, and filter data faster than legacy background checks, which allows you to screen faster, with fewer resources.

Background check ETAs

Gain insight into the expected completion date of a report so you can set expectations with your candidates.

APIs and integrations

Connect Checkr to your existing workflow quickly with our robust API and pre-built integrations.

Workflow automation

Expand your candidate pool, improve compliance, and cut time on adjudication by more than 90% with better filtering and evaluation tools.

Dynamic compliance tools

Lower your risk with our dynamic compliance tools, which generate relevant paperwork, manage legally reportable results, and optimize filtering.

Analytics and reporting

Identify new hiring opportunities and fine-tune your adjudication data with actionable analytics and reporting.

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Candidate experience

We put candidates at the center of everything we do

We understand that candidates are real people whose lives are affected by the results we deliver. With transparency into background check turnaround times, online educational resources, and multilingual candidate support, our platform helps drive stronger candidate engagement and satisfaction.

Learn more about our platform

Hire Faster with Smart Adjudication Tools

Modernizing the adjudication process with AI-powered screenings, automatic clearing, and powerful analytics helps your company hire more people, faster.

Keep a Pulse on Candidates with Continuous Crim

Our continuous monitoring solutions provide updates about new reportable charges related to active candidates and employees, keeping your company and customers more secure.

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