Driver and Motor Vehicle Reports

Driver and Motor Vehicle Reports

Get your candidates on the road with user-friendly screenings that are faster and more accurate. 

Let’s start with the basics

What are Driver and MVR reports?

A motor vehicle report (MVR) surfaces information about your candidates’ driving record such as accidents or DUIs, and confirms license status and endorsements.

Why is understanding a candidate’s driving history important?

Industry regulations
Meet standards and requirements set forth by the Department of Transportation (DOT) and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

Brand trust
MVR checks help you stay compliant, protect your brand reputation, and assure your customers of safety.

We’ve got you covered

What roles typically require an MVR check?

MVR checks are for anyone who operates a vehicle as part of their job, including:

  • Commercial drivers such as bus, taxi, or limo drivers
  • Contract drivers for rideshare or food delivery services
  • Employees who operate company vehicles
  • Care providers who transport clients
  • Truck drivers and delivery drivers

What do you learn from an MVR check?

MVR checks provide information to help you assess if a candidate is currently eligible to drive for work:

  • If their license is currently suspended or expired
  • What types and classes of vehicles they are licensed to drive
  • Recent violations or restrictions
  • Issue and expiration dates for various license types

Driver and MVR Background Screens with Checkr

MVR checks are essential for candidates who will be operating a vehicle. Checkr’s AI-powered platform helps you navigate this highly-regulated industry for at-scale hiring with minimal manual tasks.

Motor Vehicle Records (MVR) Check

Identify driving violations and verify license status and endorsements. Information returned is typically within the last three years, depending on the seriousness of the incident and the state in which it occurred.

DOT Pre-Hire Screening Package

Pre-employment screening package from DOT and FMCSA meets regulatory requirements with DOT drug test and physical.

Featured solutions

Go beyond your typical background screening with Checkr’s advanced products and packages. Our offering powers at-scale hiring with less risk and more flexibility.
Checkr screenings UI demonstrating customizations on reportable offenses.

Workflow Automation

Achieve more with fewer resources and scale capacity without scaling your team.

Compliance Tools

Combine the power of technology with the confidence of human review, so you can hire faster with less risk.

What to keep in mind when performing driver and MVR screens

Checkr’s platform promotes fair and compliant practices with state of the art tools and technology. We are also your partner in education. When it comes to driver and MVR checks, here are the primary laws and best-practices to consider.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)

To build a compliant background check process, you must understand the FCRA and regional and local requirements around denying a candidate employment based on a criminal record.

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

The EEOC helps ensure that candidates are being treated fairly in the hiring process, and provides a framework for individualized assessments of pre-employment background checks.

DOT and FMCSA Guidelines

The DOT and FMCSA are the regulatory bodies overseeing the commercial driving industry, Checkr helps you create a compliant hiring process according to their guidelines.

Insurance Requirements

Insurance requirements weigh heavily when hiring drivers and transporters. Checkr customers can create filters based on carrier conditions for easier candidate conversion.


With MVR checks, up to date information is crucial. A license status could change at any time so it’s important to continuously update these records to boost compliance and safety.


DUIs often appear on criminal record screenings, but not always. In certain cases, depending on the state, driving under the influence may be considered a traffic violation and will only be surfaced on an MVR report.

Woman checks the candidate portal from her mobile device while on a bus.
Candidate Experience

Build trust during the screening process

Candidates often feel lost or intimidated by the background check process. That’s why Checkr provides online educational tools, live support, and access to report status in our mobile-friendly candidate portal.

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Customer Story

95% reduction in turnaround time in a highly regulated industry

Honk, the roadside assistance company, built a national network of drivers thanks to a 95% reduction in screening turnaround time from three days to just one.

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You’re in good company!

MVR results are typically available in under 24 hours, with most completed within just a few minutes.