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February 12, 2024
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Georgia employers often review Georgia motor vehicle reports (MVRs) as part of the employee hiring process. This report gives employers a look at a job candidate’s driving history and can be an important piece of a comprehensive background screening program. In some cases, an MVR report in GA may be legally required as a pre-employment or recurring screening for specific regulated positions.

This guide on Georgia MVRs for employers can help you understand what information is found in an MVR and how MVRs may be used to help make informed hiring decisions. We’ll also go over which driving record laws are important for maintaining compliance and how to get a motor vehicle report in GA.

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What is a Georgia MVR?

A Georgia driving record, or Georgia MVR, offers information about a person’s driver’s license and driving history. These reports can include information such as moving violation convictions, vehicle accident records, current license status and class, and other driving history-related information. 

Employers may use a Georgia MVR as part of their pre-employment background check process to confirm a candidate’s driving history and ensure compliance. These checks can help employers mitigate risk in the workplace and hire the most qualified candidates.

MVR checks are especially common (and often required) for positions that involve operating a company vehicle—like delivery drivers and rideshare employees—as well as for positions regulated by the US Department of Transportation (DOT).

Employers hiring for DOT-regulated positions are required to perform pre-employment and annual DOT background checks and to comply with regulations from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)—which includes conducting driving record checks. Regulated roles can include operators of certain commercial trucks, drivers of vehicles seating nine or more passengers (such as bus drivers), and transporters of hazardous materials.

Types of Georgia motor vehicle records

There are two types of Georgia MVRs available, certified and non-certified, both maintained by Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS). Either option can be requested by individuals wanting a copy of their own driving record or employers looking to verify a candidate’s history.

  • Non-certified Georgia driving record reports can be viewed online for up to 30 days and can even be printed. However, they cannot be downloaded to a computer and are only intended to be viewed online or printed.
  • Certified driving history reports provide requestors with a stamped and certified Georgia driving record directly from DDS. By requesting this version of the motor vehicle report, Georgia employers, insurance providers, and other entities can receive an official report in the mail to any address provided. Certified reports cannot be viewed online and will have a much slower turnaround time once ordered than non-certified reports, as paper copies need to be created, stamped, and mailed.

Both the certified and non-certified options can be ordered in three different lengths: a three-year, seven-year, or lifetime report. 

Why should employers order Georgia MVR reports?

Georgia MVRs for employers can be used during the hiring process to help mitigate risk, comply with certain regulations, and even reduce business car insurance rates. Because Georgia driving records show many types of vehicle-related incidents and license statuses, they can help employers determine a candidate’s qualifications and eligibility for a position.

Georgia MVR reports are commonly ordered by employers as part of a comprehensive background check package, which can include other searches like a criminal record check, drug testing, or a credit check. They are frequently utilized by employers requiring commercial driving licensing or employees to perform certain driver services, like operating company vehicles and machinery.

How to get a driving record in Georgia

Individuals who want a copy of their own driving record can request a Georgia MVR report online, which is done through the DDS website. Drivers can also submit a request in person at any DDS customer service center, or via mail by submitting a Motor Vehicle Request Form DDS-18.

How do you get an MVR in Georgia if you’re an employer? Employer and other third-party requests for Georgia MVRs can be submitted directly using Form DDS-18 by mail or at any Georgia DDS customer service center. Some employers can also request MVRs online through the DDS portal, once certified by the state. However, this certification is limited to bulk employer partners who request at least 50 MVRs per year. 

When requesting an MVR for another person, CRAs, employers, and other entities are required to show proper identification as well as have the driver’s written consent and signature for the request. 

Instead of conducting this process manually for each job candidate, employers can streamline the process, recruit faster, and take some of the strain off their HR team by partnering with a consumer reporting agency (CRA), like Checkr

When working with a professional background check provider to conduct background checks, like driving record checks, employers are required to comply with the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). The FCRA mandates that employers provide candidates with written notice that they intend to conduct a background check and obtain their written consent before proceeding. Employers must also follow the adverse action process if they decide not to hire the candidate based on the information included in a background check.

What information is included in a Georgia driving record?

A Georgia driving record check, or MVR, can include a range of information such as the driver’s current license status, accident history, court convictions for driving offenses (including DUIs), and all applications for licenses granted. This version of the driver’s record can be used for employment or car insurance purposes, or requested by certain entities that require a stamped and certified version of the report.

Resident drivers are subject to a violation point system, which may be added in response to certain driving violations. These Georgia points will appear on both certified and non-certified lifetime, three-year, or seven-year driving records until they age off, if eligible. 

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Georgia driving record laws

Before conducting an MVR check in Georgia, employers should prioritize compliance with federal and state regulations. Failure to comply with these driving record laws can result in an increased risk for your organization and customers, or even penalties. Employers who are unsure of which laws apply may wish to adhere to the strictest regulations to avoid potential liability. 

Here are a few federal and Georgia driving record laws important for employers to know:

Driver Privacy Protection Act (DPPA)

Summary: A federal law, the Driver Privacy Protection Act (DPPA) protects the release and use of a driver’s personal information. According to this law, driver motor vehicle records can only be requested for certain purposes, and the information within must be safeguarded and only be used for specific purposes. See law.

GA Code § 50-18-72

The cost of obtaining an MVR report in Georgia depends on the version requested and may range from $6-8 or more. Prices for the different types of GA MVR reports include the three-year driver history report ($6), the seven-year driver history report ($8), and the lifetime driver history report ($8).

How much is an MVR in Georgia?

The cost of obtaining an MVR report in Georgia depends on the version requested and may range from $6-8 or more. Prices for the different types of GA MVR reports include the three-year driver history report ($6), the seven-year driver history report ($8), and the lifetime driver history report ($8).

Rather than ordering directly from Georgia DDS, employers who work with a CRA, like Checkr, can benefit from customized pricing packages, fast turnaround times, and a more streamlined process when ordering Georgia MVR checks for multiple candidates at once. Checkr’s background check packages—which can include MVRs—allow you to select and pay for the screenings you need, exclude the ones you don’t, and reduce overhead costs associated with ordering these reports manually.

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A Georgia MVR check can help companies reduce risk and promote driver safety when hiring individuals to operate equipment, drive company vehicles, or even use their own personal vehicles for work-related tasks, such as deliveries or sales calls. Driving records can provide potential employers with a snapshot of the candidate’s driving history, license status, and other important driving record information.

By working with a modern background check provider, like Checkr, Georgia employers can safely and efficiently order MVRs for job candidates and employees. Our customized employment screening options—including pre-employment and continuous MVR screenings that monitor for incidents on an ongoing basis—deliver easy-to-read, accurate reports and provide simplified workflows that can help you maintain compliance and speed hiring. Get started now.

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The resources provided here are for educational purposes only and do not constitute legal advice. We advise you to consult your own counsel if you have legal questions related to your specific practices and compliance with applicable laws.

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