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Learn how Checkr helps Lyft hire hundreds of thousands of drivers across the US and Canada quickly while maintaining compliance…
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Thistle teams up with Checkr for background checks to create a positive experience for candidates while ensuring compliance and recruiting top-quality employees.
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Adventure Nannies

Learn how Adventure Nannies partnered with Checkr to streamline background checks for safe and reliable childcare

G2 Grid & Compare Report

See how Checkr compares to leading background check vendors in the latest report by third-party software review platform G2.
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    Covenant Health

    Covenant Health is a not-for-profit, locally owned integrated healthcare enterprise with a mission to improve the quality of life in their communities through better health.
    Article 8 MINUTE READ

    10 Best Background Check Sites & Services in 2024

    Learn more about the best background check sites to conduct screenings for your hiring needs.
    Article 5 MINUTE READ

    Recruiting Top Talent: 5 Essential Tips for Attracting the Best Tech Professionals

    Learn how your company can create a positive and impactful experience for tech workers in 2024, and attract the best talent to your organization.
    Article 4 MINUTE READ

    5 e-commerce tactics employers can use to improve the candidate experience

    Learn five e-commerce best practices you can adopt to improve your candidate experience, fill your recruiting pipeline, and streamline your hiring flow.
    Article 5 MINUTE READ

    4 Strategies to Hire Tech Talent Faster in 2024

    Learn four actionable steps you can take to convert highly qualified knowledge workers faster this year.
    Guide 8 MINUTE READ

    Boost Tech Candidate Conversion Rates by Revamping Your Background Checks

    Learn the six ways tech companies can improve candidate conversation rates with a better background check experience.
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