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Checkr pioneered the first background check API to help companies build seamless user experiences, go-to-market faster, and drive revenue growth.

Benefits of integrating the best background check API into your platform

Go to market faster

Once your Checkr-hosted flow is live, you only need a candidate’s email to kickstart the process, allowing you to hire faster and bring in revenue sooner.

Deliver a seamless experience

​​A deeper integration makes the background check process a natural extension of your product, helping to support a strong brand experience.

Save time and resources

Checkr’s API helps you design smooth and efficient onboarding experiences for candidates, gig workers, customers, and other users.

Innovative and tech-forward companies scale with Checkr

Why use Checkr’s background check API?

Checkr’s background check API allows companies to get their platforms up and running quickly while also improving efficiency, managing compliance and safety, and supporting a strong brand experience.


Easily build with our RESTful API with JSON responses


99.99% uptime and real-time, 24/7 access to data

Easy to use

Detailed and organized results with clear and concise labeling


Use Checkr's hosted background check application or embed the process into your own flow


Receive detailed status updates via webhooks or response calls


Simple and clear developer documentation, with support from our team

Available screenings with Checkr's API

Checkr makes it easy to order screenings and view results through the API.

  • National, federal, county, and state criminal screenings
  • Sex offender registry check
  • Global watchlist records check
  • Drug and health screenings
  • Motor vehicle records (MVR)
  • Personal and professional reference checks
  • Education verification
  • Employment verification
  • Continuous criminal screenings
  • International screenings

Designed for companies that demand speed at scale

Checkr powers 95% of the gig economy, helping marketplaces scale their businesses quickly without sacrificing trust and safety.

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Angi Connects Professionals and Customers with Secure Vetting and Frictionless Onboarding

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Checkr offers pre-built integrations with more than 100 ATS and HRIS systems you’re already using, so you can start transforming your background check experience right away.

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Checkr pioneered the world’s most innovative background check API. Let's talk about how we can help your business run background checks at scale.

Frequently asked questions

Complete guide to background check API integration

Background check APIs offer a streamlined process by creating a turnkey technology experience between employers, candidates, and the consumer reporting agency (CRA) used to conduct screenings. This guide to background check API integration explains how APIs work, why they’re valuable to employers, and which searches are available using Checkr’s API.

What is a background check API?

A background check API, or application programming interface, is a type of technology offered by some screening providers to help employers conduct more streamlined employee background checks. It seamlessly connects each step of the CRA’s background check process directly into technology platforms already being used by the employer.

Working with a CRA that offers a background check API integration can help companies better own the end-to-end candidate experience while allowing for customization of their hiring and onboarding process.

For example, service providers that directly interface with customers (usually through an app, like ridesharing) may want to create a seamless background check experience when candidates apply on their platform. These service providers can integrate background checks directly into the onboarding process using an API so that candidates can start and finish the signup process in one place. Additionally, an API can help save time for internal teams reviewing background check results by automating the escalation process without the need to log in to the platform and check the status of pending searches.

Background check APIs can be utilized for employee background checks, contingent (gig) worker background checks, as well as certain types of post-hire ongoing screening, such as criminal records and driving histories. Any size business can benefit from background check APIs, as they are used across a wide range of industries, including gig companies and marketplaces across caregiving, healthcare, delivery, staffing, and more.

An API-first strategy removes roadblocks to business growth, so businesses can consider integrating background checks at any stage of their company’s lifecycle. Whether your product has yet to go-to-market or you’re becoming an industry leader, utilizing a background check API provides added benefits to help you scale.

How does a background check API integration work?

Background check APIs can be directly incorporated into an employer’s existing tech platform. This enables background checks to seem like a natural extension of your product and overall user experience, creating a seamless hiring and onboarding workflow. An API client can be configured when initially building your product or later to improve product satisfaction and adoption.

You can also use a background check API integration with your existing applicant tracking systems (ATS) or human resources information system (HRIS) like Workday, Greenhouse, or Paylocity. Checkr partners with many industry-leading HR systems to offer pre-built integrations to eliminate redundancies across platforms for recruiters and candidates.

Checkr pioneered the first background check API to make it easy to order screenings and view results. After setup, a candidate’s email address is all that’s needed to kick off the background screening workflow. Employers can also use webhooks, within our background check integration, to receive updates on objects created with the API and to kick off additional workflows.

What types of background checks work with an API?

During a pre-employment background check, employers may use different types of screenings to search a candidate’s history. Most types of background checks work seamlessly with an API, creating a streamlined experience for both the employer and candidate.

Here’s a closer look at some of the most common background checks and how they work with an API.

Criminal background checks

Criminal background checks are used by employers to search national and local records to identify any reportable criminal records associated with a candidate. Reports generally show both felony and misdemeanor criminal convictions, but may also show infractions or violations depending on the jurisdiction.

With Checkr’s API, employers can conduct federal, national, state, and county criminal background searches. Depending on the industry or nature of the role, some employers may also have a need for continuous screening of employees after they’ve been hired. Add-on criminal background check API integrations, like Checkr’s Continuous Crim subscription service, provide employers with real-time updates if there are any changes to an employee’s criminal record.

Drug and health screenings

Drug testing and health screenings may be part of a pre-employment background check and in some cases, industry-specific laws and regulations may require such screenings. Drug testing can help companies comply with industry-specific laws and regulations and promote a safe work environment. Pre-employment health screenings and physical exams help companies evaluate a candidate to confirm they’re physically and mentally capable to perform job-related responsibilities.

While drug and health screening reports are not available through Checkr’s Reports API, candidate drug and health screenings can be ordered through Checkr’s Invitation API. This technology provides the ease and simplicity of the Checkr Dashboard and the customization options of a Reports API integration while requiring less development.

Driving record checks

Driving record checks, or motor vehicle records (MVRs), are used by employers to gain insight into a candidate’s driving history. Not only can they help your organization maintain compliance with applicable laws and regulations, especially in regulated industries, MVRs can also help you protect your brand reputation and assure employee and customer safety. MVRs typically show a person’s driving history, including driver’s license status and restrictions, as well as violations and some types of vehicle-related convictions, such as driving under the influence (DUI).

Checkr’s API allows employers to conduct MVR searches. Moreover, while pre-employment MVRs are common for driving-related roles, continuous driving record checks can offer additional peace of mind for employers. Checkr’s Continuous MVR subscription service provides ongoing monitoring of employee driving records, tracking relevant changes across public record data and alerting employers as needed.

Employment verifications

Verifying a candidate’s employment history helps employers confirm information provided on their resume or application, such as employment status, positions or titles, and dates of employment.

Through employment verification via Checkr’s API, employers can easily verify a candidate’s employment history for the last three employers, or the previous seven years. Candidates simply supply their employment history and then Checkr attempts to verify the information. If there are three failed attempts (all shown in the logs), an exception is generated and the candidate will be asked to upload additional documentation. After the information is received, the verification process begins again.

Education verifications

Education verifications help employers validate a candidate’s education history as part of the pre-employment background check process. This information may include enrollment history, dates of attendance, degrees obtained, and graduation dates.

Checkr’s API can be used by employers for education verification. For this screening, candidates are asked to input their degree, major, school, and the state in which the school is located. Then, Checkr attempts to verify the information. If there are three failed attempts (all shown in the logs), the candidate is prompted to upload supporting documentation. Once the new information is received, the verification process starts again.

Professional license verification

Organizations use professional license verification to confirm a candidate holds the professional license necessary to be eligible for the role. This may be required for highly specialized roles or regulated industries, such as healthcare.

Checkr’s API can help you hire faster by automating this step in your screening process to confirm your candidates’ licenses and certifications are active and in good standing for confident hiring.

International background checks

Employers expanding globally or hiring candidates that have worked overseas may have a need to conduct international background checks as part of their pre-employment screening process. These checks may include employment and education history, criminal record searches, and more.

With Checkr’s API, employers can conduct a range of international employee background checks. Common screenings include international criminal search, employment verification, and education verification. Additional screenings available through Checkr’s API include adverse media, global watchlist search, identity document verification, and motor vehicle reports (available in Canada).

Get started with Checkr’s background check API

Working with a CRA that offers a background check API can help streamline your company’s pre-employment screening process. Many background check platforms can be inflexible or unscalable, which is why Checkr built the industry’s first and most innovative background check API. Our background check API enables employers to customize a seamless background check workflow whil also improving efficiency and maintaining a strong brand experience. We’ve powered more than 500 million API calls per year across 22 million transactions with leading technology companies.

The Checkr API offers three endpoints to run the background check process and retrieve status updates that only require a candidate’s email address to send the invitation. For a deeper integration, Checkr offers a report creation flow that enables you to customize the background check process with end-to-end control over your candidate experience and conversion funnel.

Ready to get started? Review our API documentation with your development team, or talk with a Checkr sales associate.


The resources provided here are for educational purposes only and do not constitute legal advice. We advise you to consult your own counsel if you have legal questions related to your specific practices and compliance with applicable laws.

Ready to get started?

Checkr pioneered the world’s most innovative background check API. Let's talk about how we can help your business run background checks at scale.