The first background check API

Checkr pioneered the first background check API to help companies build seamless user experiences, go-to-market faster, and drive revenue growth.

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Go to market faster

Get your background check integration up and running in a few days with our Checkr-hosted flow. You just need a candidate’s email to kickstart the process, allowing you to hire faster and bring in revenue sooner.

Customize and innovate

With a deeper integration, you completely own the candidate experience from end-to-end. The background check process is a natural extension of your product and you don’t sacrifice a strong brand experience.

Build a seamless experience

Whether it’s for your full-time employees, part-time employees, customers, customers’ customers, whoever—The Checkr API helps you design integrated and efficient onboarding experiences for your candidates and users of Checkr.

How we do it

The Checkr API allows companies to get their platforms up and running quickly without sacrificing efficiency, compliance and safety, and a strong brand experience.


Easily build with our RESTful API with JSON responses


 99.99% uptime and real-time, 24/7 access to data

Robust Data

Detailed and organized results with clear and concise labeling

Flexible Invitation

Use our Checkr-hosted flow or our Client-hosted flow

Real-Time Updates

Receive detailed status updates via webhooks or response calls


Offer an end-to-end mobile optimized flow for your candidates

Built-in Compliance

Disclosures and authorizations are compliant with all jurisdictions

Expert Support

Simple and clear developer documentation, with support from our team

Innovative and tech-forward companies have scaled with Checkr

We try to take as much power in our technology as we possibly can to keep our team focused on product development and on growth. One of the ways that we’ve done this is by integrating with Checkr to help us automate critical functions of our platform. With Checkr, we’ve been able to automate over 95% of the background check processes.
Vladimir Vezikov
Co-founder and CEO Tülogy

Helpful resources

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Screenings through API

Checkr makes it easy to order screenings and view results through the API. 

  • National, federal, county, and state criminal screenings
  • Sex offender registry check
  • Global watchlist records check
  • Drug and health screenings 
  • Motor Vehicle Records (MVR)
  • Personal and professional reference checks
  • Education verification
  • Employment verification
  • Continuous criminal screenings
  • International screenings

API documentation

We provide the necessary context and guidance for your engineer or technical lead to build your background check API integration. It’s simple, clear, and makes it easy to get started.

Partner integrations

We offer background check integrations with ATS and HRIS systems that you’re already using, so you can start transforming your background check experience right away.

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